Pre-employment Medicals

At Era Health, specialist doctors can tailor pre-employment medicals to suit your specific needs. Having new employees take pre-employment medicals will help lower insurance premiums, will help identify suitable candidates, and can help avoid nuisance claims from employees saying they have work-related ailments that they had before they started. At Era Health, the staff comply with anti-discrimination laws and respect all privacy and discretion laws.

What do pre-employment medicals feature?

Firstly, your potential employee will be asked a number of questions both in person and via a questionnaire. This will probe into previous medical conditions, family medical history, and work history. Any potential problems will be explored by the doctor via more targeted questions. A complete medical is then given, which includes taking blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, and vision tests. If any further tests or exploration are needed, they will be done after gaining your consent.

After the tests are finished, a full report is written up and will be sent to you via email. The turnaround time for the reports is very quick, with most of them being written up immediately after the medical.

What benefits do Era Health offer?

· It shows you are proactive in corporate health management
· It can reduce worker claims at a later date
· It can show legal due diligence in some professions
· It proves your potential employee is physically able to do the work at hand
· Psychological tests may prove your candidate’s suitability for the job
· It can help reduce workplace incidents
· It may help you choose the most suitable candidate
· It may protect the health of your potential employee
· It may lower your insurance premiums
· It shows that your company cares about it’s employees

What further tests may be conducted at your request?

· Pathology tests
· Basic physical fitness test
· Spirometry (respiratory function)
· Audiometry (hearing)
· Chest X-Ray
· Psychological testing
· Drug and Alcohol Testing
· Urine test
· Further vision tests

You may request further musculoskeletal/physical capacity tests to see if your potential employee is physically able to do certain tasks repeatedly. These tests are carried out by qualified physiotherapists, and always give accurate reports, even if a patient claims to be tired or out of sorts.

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