HIV Rapid Test

At our Era Health clinics in Melbourne, we are currently one of the few clinics that provide HIV rapid testing. You can call our clinics right now and book a HIV Rapid test. If you state this when making your call, then we go out of our way to book you in as early as humanly possible.

How Quickly Can I Get My Results?

Most appointments are a simple affair where a few drops of blood are taken and applied to our testing apparatus. You are then asked to sit in the waiting room whilst we test your blood. This will usually take around thirty minutes. Upon the result, you will be advised upon what to do next.

What Happens During A Rapid HIV Test?

Your HIV Rapid test will be booked for as early as you please, within plausible limits and within opening hours. You turn up and a drop of your blood is taken. It may be drawn, but in most cases, your finger is pricked and a few drops of blood are taken.

The blood is tested, which takes around thirty minutes. After half an hour has elapsed, the blood will show to be reactive, un-reactive in inconclusive. If your test is inconclusive or reactive, then you will be advised upon what to do next and you will have to do the standard HIV test, which takes up to a week to generate results.

Why Is There A Rapid And A Standard Test?

The standard test is the one you probably know already, where blood is drawn and tested, and you get your results in a few days. A rapid test is an “Alere HIV antibody/antigen test.” It is a different type of test that gives results in around thirty minutes based on if the test was reactive, un-reactive, or inconclusive.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has allowed this sort of testing in order to give people a quicker idea if they are stricken with HIV.

There is also the THOR study. This uses the Oraquick rapid HIV test and is often used for people that are at a high risk of HIV. Era Health doctors have taken all the required training for Rapid HIV tests as set out by the TGA.

Further Testing May Be Needed

If your blood needs to be taken for a standard test, then you will be advised on what you may do whilst you wait for your results. There is a small possibility that if you are treated quickly enough that you may experience a turnaround, though this is relatively rare. If you would like further testing on your blood for other sexually transmitted diseases, then our team are happy to test in the clinic and/or send your sample off to be tested at a medical center.

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