Finding the Assessment to Suit You

Medical and mental health assessments are commonplace in a modern clinic, and the Era Health Clinic is no different. There are mental health psychologists, child psychologists and doctors on hand to asses you and help you deal with your mental health issues.

Psychopathology assessment

Era Health clinics in Melbourne offer Psychopathology assessment services that help diagnose mental illnesses and disorders. There are quite a few parents that bring in their children because they are fearful they are not progressing at a fast enough rate, and though many times it is just nothing, there is a lot to be said for having a Psychopathology assessment just in case. It is better for the patient if he or she is diagnosed at a young age.


Personality assessment

Working as a team or part of a new group may require a personality assessment. I can be carried out on the whim of your employer, or if you feel you have a problem, then you can book yourself in with an Era health psychologist and get yourself assessed.

Vocational assessment & career issues

Just like in the sporting world, there are a lot of jobs that some people are simply not cut out for. There are some people where even a dash of shyness may negatively affect their career prospects. There are other jobs that are full of stress or pressure, and others that are dangerous. It is up to you to find out if you are up to the task of performing at a professional level.

You can seek help from the Era Health psychologists regarding your vocational assessment & career issues, and you can get the help you so sorely need.

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