Mental Health


Mental illness is common in our society. Each year it affects one in five people.  However mental health issues are commonly misunderstood and can also be unfairly stigmatized. Mental health conditions tend to interfere with our quality of life as well as our relationships and our interactions in the workforce.

Our professionals at Era Health can help to identify problem areas and offer effective treatment for a wide variety of mental health conditions resulting in improved overall health and wellbeing.


Anxiety related disorders are among the most common mental health conditions and can impact on sleep, focus and engagement in life.  They include generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia or social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorder.

Treatment varies according to the condition and the person being treated.   Anxiety can be treated by a psychologist using a variety of approaches that include cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation interventions, mindfulness and hypnosis. Severe anxiety may need the addition of medication.


Depression is the most commonly seen disorder in the developed world.  At Era Health our professionals are able to treat the various forms of depression with the aim of reducing or eliminating the debilitating symptoms that can interfere with every day life.

As with anxiety, treatment approaches included cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness etc with medication for those when the condition is severe.

Eating disorders

Era Health clinics in Melbourne have a range of services to suit people with eating disorders. The psychologists are able to treat mental health issue, and doctors are able to treat the physical side of the problem. Physiotherapists are able to manage people with eating disorders to be sure that any of their weight related injuries are treated.


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