Getting Your Life And Personal Health To A Good Place

Dealing with personal issues can be hard work, and it can even lead to a host of mental and personality disorders. There are just some things in life that we are not taught how to deal with. You can get the help you need with Era Health psychological professionals.

Workplace bullying

Everyone has the right to have a working environment that is free from harassment and abuse, free from unwelcome and unreasonable behaviour from others.  Bullying can be an extremely damaging behaviour that impacts many people in the workplace.  In part it includes feeling intimidated, belittled, humiliated, degraded and excluded.  Bullying may be subtle or overt but the effects can still be extremely harmful.  If this is occurring in your workplace it is important to seek assistance.  You can receive the psychological support you need at Era Health.

Shyness, social skills deficit and social phobias
All three of these are very common problems that many people do not believe they have. Our psychologist in Melbourne can expose these problems for you so you can deal with them.

This is another element of life that does not come with a rulebook, and you can use Era Health advice to help you pick a path in life.

Self-esteem and personal development
Improving yourself should be a lifelong routine, and Era Health professionals can help you get your life on the right track.

Life transition and/or adjustment issues

We all experience change at different times in our life. These can involve our relationships, health, our career, our roles, ageing, relocation or being retrenched to name a few.  Adjusting to new roles or situations can be stressful and can often tax our ability to cope.

At Era Health we can assist you to come to terms with difficult and challenging change and help you to adjust to your new circumstances.

Life and personal coaching
Hiring a life coach is a commonly heard scam, but when it relates to mental and physical health, then it is okay to reach out to a psychologist to help change your life. This may also involve goal setting. Era Health psychologists in Melbourne can offer genuine and medically sound advice, rather than the buzzwords and slogans that scam artists offer.

Grief & loss

There are times and circumstances in our life when we may face intense and painful feelings as a result of loss.  In particular the death of a loved one can be devastating and produce the full range of emotions.  As well, the loss of a relationship and a miscarriage are times when the pain of loss can become acute.  Other times when we can experience the pain of loss include losing a job, ill health, moving house, relocation and the death of a much loved pet. 

 Our ability to cope with the process of grief can depend on our past experience of loss, the nature of our loss and the social support around us. If you are feeling isolated and debilitated it will help to seek support from our grief and loss counselor/psychologist to work through emotions that can sometimes feel challenging and overwhelming.


Assertiveness training
Being assertive is a highly coveted skill, but few people know that it can be taught. Try assertiveness training within our psychologist in Melbourne

Anger management

A long process of uncovering the cause of anger management may help you regain control over your life. You can complete treatment and start again in life.

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