Richard Christianson

Richard Christianson- Physiotherapist Melbourne

I am an experienced clinical physiotherapist of ten years, I have worked in a number of specialized environments from medical clinics to professional sporting teams.

As an active participant within various state and national physiotherapy committees, I am able to maintain a view across industry practice as well as develop skills through formal and informal social learning networks. My involvement with the national and state MPA Committees has required strong diplomacy skills in dealing with multiple parties within diverse environments. This has provided a platform where I am able to raise public awareness for physiotherapy and to ensure the delivery of quality professional services.

Working with various sporting teams have further developed my team management ability, self-organization skills as well as garnering a stronger passion to succeed.

My experience as a physiotherapist has fostered a passion for occupational rehabilitation, preventative management, and education & training. I aim to focus my career in these areas while maintaining a commitment to keep the Australian physiotherapy profession at the upper echelon of international standards.