What it is a Fitness for Duty, and what are the benefits?

What it is a Fitness for Duty, and what are the benefits?


What it is a Fitness for Duty, and what are the benefits?


Fitness for Duty assessments is designed to ensure an employee is physically fit and capable of carrying out the tasks associated with their particular job description. The fit to work assessment is a vital aspect of the injury management process for your staff as well as being essential to the operation of risk management for the company.




  • Helps you manage and assess the health issues of your staff.
  • Assists in the risk management process of your company.
  • Assists in the worker’s compensation and injury management process of your workforce.
  • Assists with injury rehabilitation
  • Contributes to health and safety in the workplace
  • Complies with Workers’ Compensation legislation.
  • This service is available through Era Health Work Solutions in Melbourne and Australia wide.





At Era Health, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail contained in our fitness for duty examinations and assessments. With an extensive consultation with the employee and managers, we aim to acquire a thorough understanding of their job description and the requirements of their position. A complete medical examination will ascertain the fitness and readiness of the employee to return to work.


A full written report is prepared, which contains the findings of our team, gives concise medical information and outlines specific recommendations if applicable.


Employees who are not physically or mentally fit for work constitute a danger to themselves as well as to others in the workforce. The purpose of an Era Health Fitness for Duty assessment is to conduct a full evaluation of an employee’s capability to remain at, or return to, their position. The comprehensive report applies to workers’ compensation and permanent disability claims.


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