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Located in the Melbourne CBD for over 11 years, our CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health clinic is an accredited Dental clinic under the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS)

When it comes to top-tier dental health care and hygiene, trust CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health’s reputable team of dentists in Melbourne. We have a proven track record in successfully treating, preventing and diagnosing a wide range of dental problems. From basic teeth cleaning to emergency appointments to cosmetic dental procedures, the services we offer are diverse, comprehensive and designed to address a patient’s specific oral health care requirements. We also provide dental check-ups for organisations and individuals.

Our experienced dentists are trained, licenced and verified members of the Australian Dental Association. In addition to years of practice and experience under their belt, CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health dental team always goes the extra mile for patients and partner providers such as Medibank and  Bupa Dentists Melbourne. Our team regularly updated on the latest techniques, treatments and methodologies.


Dentists in Melbourne During COVID

CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health’s dental department takes COVID-19 health and safety protocols seriously. Because we value you and your family, we have undertaken the necessary steps to ensure our centre is regularly sanitised and our dentists Melbourne and staff are equipped with standard PPEs. We also track and monitor patients that display signs and symptoms of viral infection and, should patients test positive, refer them to the right isolation facilities in collaboration with the ADA.

If you have been scheduled for a check-up or any dental procedures but exhibit signs and symptoms, please immediately inform our dentists Melbourne CBD and get tested. You must remain at home until the results have been confirmed.

Our Dental Health Services

Whether you are on-the-go or just cruising through the everyday, we have a roster of quality dental services to match your lifestyle and specific dental needs. Our dental treatments are affordable and exceptional. The patients we have treated since day one can vouch for the expertise and genuine service of our dentists.

Each Melbourne CBD dentist in our team specialises in a specific area of dentistry. This means patients get high calibre diagnosis and treatment. Below are the dental services we offer here at CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health:

Dental Check up

For refreshed mouth, teeth and gums, regular dental check up Melbourne CBD is a must. Teeth cleaning helps remove plaque buildup and prevents cavities, bad breath and other dental problems. In fact, studies show that having your teeth cleaned also prevents various health conditions such as diabetes, dementia and heart attack or stroke.

If yellowed teeth is a serious cause for concern, you may opt to avail of our teeth whitening or bleaching services on top of your regular teeth cleaning routine. We use safe, clinically approved, and tried-and-tested methods for restoring or improving teeth colour. 

If you have healt insurance like Bupa and Medibank, you may have two check-ups and clean per year. Please talk to one of our receptionist on 9944 6200.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Achieve your best smile yet with our ADA-approved cosmetic dental services. Our team has some of the most capable cosmetic dentists in Melbourne CBD, who have handled complex procedures and produced satisfactory results. We strictly comply with the rules and regulations set by the ADA and ensure patients are comfortable and relatively safe during surgeries.

Need cosmetic teeth whitening/bleaching, teeth bonding, straightening or new veneers? Get in touch with a cosmetic dentist Melbourne CBD by filling in the contact form on our website or giving us a call. Our team is ready to accommodate your specific requests.

Emergency Appointments

To efficiently handle dental health problems that require immediate treatment, we have a unit of emergency dentists Melbourne who are on standby around the clock. We will help alleviate pain from persistent tooth aches as well as treat severe infections that could be life-threatening if left unattended.

Experiencing a dental emergency? call ASAP on 9944 6200.

Other Dental Health Services

As earlier mentioned, CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health also offers general dentistry services including annual, regular or scheduled check-ups for company employees and individuals. We also have dentists who are experts in root canal therapy, teeth extraction, dental filling procedures, teeth realignment and a lot more. If you have kids, let us know so we can direct them to the best children’s dentist from our team.

Patients with pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. blood clotting or heart problems) should truthfully disclose the state of their health to our dental professionals before undergoing any of the said general dental procedures. Most Melbourne dentists would recommend such patients to see their doctor first.

Consult with Our Melbourne CBD Dentists

For appointments:

Book online (
Email the clinic (
Call the clinic (9944 6200)

If you can’t find an appointment available on your requested consultation date, we will inform you of their availability and let you select the next best schedule. We accept a number of healthcare providers but kindly check with our staff first for clearer and faster processing.

New patients are welcome to visit CBD Dentists Melbourne – Era Health for simple and complex dental treatments or procedures. Our rates are competitive and, with experienced and highly skilled dental professionals providing quality oral health care, definitely value for your money.

Please stay safe and get in touch with us if you need some guidance or  assistance.

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