Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an important treatment in both cosmetic and traditional dentistry. A crown is actually a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the tooth to protect it, to prevent further damage and enable it to be fully functional. Having a crown fitted will often avoid extraction of the tooth.

A dental crown may be warranted when a tooth is weakened, broken or damaged due to decay, large fillings or trauma. This procedure is also used to support a bridge or to cover a dental implant.

At Era Health Dental we recommend dental porcelain crowns because they are strong, durable and look like natural teeth. However, crowns can also be made from composite resins.

If you have been recommended to have a dental crown fitted, you can expect at least two appointments. At the first visit, your teeth will be carefully examined, x-rays will be taken to check the health of your teeth and then the teeth will be prepared for the crown. If you need more than one tooth crowned, they can be done at the same time. Sometimes teeth need to reshaped or filled to accommodate the crown. Impressions will then be taken so that the crowns can be made to exactly fit your teeth.

Sometimes the dentist will decide to fit temporary crowns while the permanent ones are being made. These help to protect your teeth and help you get used to having them. At the second appointment, your new crowns are fitted permanently in place. The dentist will explain any special care requirements to you but a good oral hygiene routine is generally all that is needed to keep your teeth and dental crowns healthy. A check-up every six months will allow your dentist to examine the crown.

If you think that dental crowns can help you retain a damaged tooth or improve the look of it, call Era Health Dental Clinic Melbourne today to make an appointment to discuss your situation with one of our professional dentists.