At Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD we provide Health Check to our community in the Melbourne CBD.

Health Checks

Every day we help individuals and businesses to improve their health by utilizing the best treatment and equipment available.

Why do I need a health screening?

being conscious and responsible regarding our health means people may live longer, having a better quality of life, and simply having happier lives.

Health Assessments

Frequent health screening plays an important role in prevention. These days with the current technology we all are able to a some extend to anticipate what could happen to our health.

The real goal of a health check is to investigate, prevent or alleviate the effect of a potential disease. It is interesting that we are quite used to do a car check before something gets wrong with the car but why not doing it with our own health?  Always is better to find problems earlier than later.

At Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD we provide a full patient care looking at a person’s lifestyle, medical history from you and your family plus other data will help to find out to any risk of preventable health conditions.

How often should I have a check-up?

It depends from person to person. Some people want to have a yearly check some others when they feel worried about a particular concern. It is logical that nobody wants to receive bad news about their own health but the consequences of not seeing a doctor regularly can sometimes be quite severe.

How often should you have a check-up?

The frequency recommendation is to have a health check every year especially from people which age is 35 plus, independently if you don’t have any problem.

For younger people, let’s say 30 and under, every two to three years for a checkup is acceptable.


What should include in a health check?

What should include a Health Screening?

For younger people under 30s: Blood pressure, Cholesterol, and glucose level, BMI, Dental exam and cleaning, Skin checks,  testicular examination (for men) Mammogram and PAP smear (women), and STI for both men and women.

For people above 40s: the same checks as younger people plus

Health checks for diabetes, Heart Assessment

For people above 50s All of the same checks as in your 40s plus 

Osteoporosis Risk Assessment, Health checks for bowel cancer, Health checks for your bones, hearing impairment and eye condition tests

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