Are you traveling? Why do you need a Melbourne Travel Doctor?

Traveling is something that all people should try at least a handful of times in their life, but it does come with its own set of risks and dangers. Here is when a Melbourne travel doctor plays a key role. Even in developed countries, there are hazards and illnesses that post a significant risk to a tourist’s health, and that is why travel medicine, healing, advice, and protection is needed, especially in Australia where the homegrown hazards of traveling are so obviously apparent.

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Travel medicine advice

Before any treatment, inoculations, and health checks, the most valuable resource is e Melbourne travel doctor advice, and that is what the specialists at Era Health are able to provide.

Era Health Melbourne travel doctor clinic make sure you are fit to travel

It is not just a case of protecting a person from disease and medical conditions; it is also about making sure a person is fit to travel. It there are also hazards in other countries that will not affect the local populace. One of the most common is how the local water supply and food supply will react with the traveling tourist.

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Travel medicine for inoculations

Our Doctors will advise you on inoculations for when you are traveling, and are able to provide the inoculations for you before you go. There is also travel medicine advice on diseases and conditions that cannot be inoculated against.

Post screening at an Era Health Melbourne travel doctor clinic

This is very important in some cases, especially if you suspect that you picked something up during your travels. Priority bookings may be given to people that suspect they have brought something into the country.

Era Health Melbourne travel doctor clinic

Are you able and suitable to travel?

Consult an Era Health doctor on whether you are able to fly and what the health implications may be if you do. You can also find out if you are able to travel to certain countries considering your current medical status.

Traveling whilst ill or pregnant

If you have a long-term illness or you are pregnant, then there may be a problem with you traveling. Find out all you need to know about the travel medicine advice given by specialists.

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General Travel Health Advice

This can be very important because there is a lot that can harm you on your travels. There are insects that may cause long-term illness, and there are the things you eat and drink that may make you very ill.

There are certain indiscretions you should know about, for example, if a county has a mass problem with sexually transmitted disease. You may also be prone to injuries and schistosomiasis. It may also be a good idea to get yourself checked if you are looking for a quote for health insurance.

If you are planning to travel inside of Australia or overseas, don’t leave your home before making a booking with one of our doctors.

See you soon!