Back and neck pain management

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Genuine back and neck pain management

With the exception of childbirth and toothache, back and neck pain has to be the most disturbingly painful and annoying pain of all, especially since people have to deal with the pain day and night. At Era Health, specialists and doctors can help with back and neck pain management.

What Era Health can do for you?

Back and neck pain management is available and works for numerous conditions including sciatica. It even helps with secondary conditions such as neck pain that causes headaches. Posture and alignment diagnosis is available and you will be given treatment recommendations.

Women’s and men’s musculo-skeletal issues may be diagnosed and may be treated in the clinic itself. This also includes joint pain and muscle pain management from things such as sports injuries.

Era Health has a full team of physiotherapists, specialists and doctors that can help diagnose back and neck injuries, including sports injuries, and can work towards a diagnosis, and then eventually treatment and rehabilitation. There is also supervision for if/when you return to your job/sport/hobby, etc.

If you have arthritis and similar conditions, then back and neck pain management is available to help improve movement and function. The same is true if you have a childhood injury that still causes you trouble.

If you have a disability, then the Era Health clinic will help you learn your exercise tolerance and manage any pain. If you have just had surgery, then Era Health physiotherapists offer chronic and acute injury rehabilitation.

Back and neck pain management with drugs

Finding the right combination of drugs to ease your pain and increase your mobility is very important and Era Health doctors are experts in pain management.

Back and neck pain management with surgery

Though the Era Health clinic cannot perform major surgery, it can diagnose and recommend treatment, as well as give referrals.

Back and neck pain management with sophisticated techniques

There are many impressive techniques used to help neck and back pain, and Era doctors may suggest and refer you to the best specialist for your medical problem.

Back and neck pain management with physiotherapists

A series of treatments can help ease your pain and make you more mobile again. It may also help you sleep and help you manage your pain more easily.

Back and neck pain management plans, help and advice

Help and advice is a valuable tool, as it can help break years of bad habits and unnecessary pain, and Era Health experts can offer help and advice to help with your back and neck pain management.