Ergonomics safety and risk assessment services

Any business management course will teach you the value of clever ergonomics, and during which you learn about ergonomics and risks or risk assessments. They are important for worker safety, productivity and protection, which is why ergonomic assessments and advice is provided for workers and team members depending on their required tasks. Era Health professionals can give ergonomics advice–especially when it comes to health, safety and risk assessment.

Workplace ergonomics and staff member health

There are three main workplace ergonomic risk factors that Era Health physiotherapists in Melbourne CBD can help you with. There are repetitive/sustained awkward postures, high task repetition and forceful exertions. Era Health physiotherapists may give even more work and advice if your staff members are taking full medicals within the clinic.

Workplace ergonomics and risk assessment

You should have a good idea of what is and isn’t going to be a risk to your staff members, but Era Health staff can give it a finer edge. You can know for sure what is going to harm staff and what is not. Some things may seem harmless, but are actually causing repetitive strain, and some things may appear to make your staff tired or have aching muscles, but are actually quite safe.

Workplace advice and consultation

Era Health physiotherapists have helped companies save millions in lost time, lawsuits and staff injury. Even suggestions such as staff rotation schedules have helped clients save money and prolonged spells of fatigue. Even rest and stretch breaks have been shown to increase productivity on a massive scale.

Show due diligence with Era Health physiotherapists

Lawsuits are a common menace for almost all companies around the world, and if you can show due diligence when protecting your staff, then you help lower your lawsuit-loss rate and even your compensation settlements. An Era Health consultation about ergonomics and risk assessment is a clear indicator to the courts that your company is doing what it can to avoid staff injury and illness.

Keep insurance quotes a little lower

Insuring your staff becomes more expensive as more and more claims are made. Era Health physiotherapists can help reduce injury and things such as MSD due to mid-range repetitivity and poor recovery times.

Era Health can help you in systematically recognizing and control ergonomic risk factors. It ensures your staff have a safe place to work, helps lower lawsuits, reduces the loss of productivity, reduces staff illness/injury and helps keep your insurance premiums lower. A consultation may be the best investment you make this year!