Massage Therapy

Physiotherapy and massage therapy services

Era Health has a great team of doctors and specialists that will help you onto the road to recovery. There are many steps to rehabilitation, and at Era Health, you are able to utilize numerous services in order to recover, instead of being passed from one specialist to another.

Therapists for all forms of injury

Your injury may be occupational, general or sports related. There is a very experienced team of physiotherapists and massage therapists you may use in order to recover. This also involves many of the clinic’s facilities, where you may use equipment designed to recover swiftly and with as little discomfort as possible.

The faculties available at the Era clinics in Melbourne are top of the range, and instructions are available on the correct use of gym equipment so that you may work on your recovery away from the clinic. The key to easy recovery is understand and expertise, and Era Health specialists have both.

The types of physiotherapy services available

There are numerous services that Era Health professionals dispense every day. Here are a few of the most commonly undertaken functions:

• Joint pain and muscle pain management
• Muscle and joint pain management
• Post-operative rehabilitation for acute injuries
• Post-operative chronic injury rehabilitation
• Help with arthritis to optimize movement and function
• Osteoarthritis knees treatments as well as other joints
• Sciatica management and treatment
• Women’s musculo-skeletal issues
• Woman’s health-related injury
• Exercise prescription for disabled people

• Exercise management for people with limits to their exercise tolerance
• Back pain management
• Diagnosing posture and alignment problems
• Treatment/recommendations for posture and alignment problems
• Neck pain management
• Child and adolescent injuries
• Headache management
• Sports Injury diagnosis
• Sports Injury treatment and rehabilitation
• Men’s health-related injury
• Men’s musculo-skeletal issues

Booking appointments for consultations

A consultation can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. Extended observations and tests will be scheduled at your convenience, so the specialists may get to the route of the problem in the most timely and convenient manner.

Massage therapy

A lot of patients are keen sports players, from soccer players to surfers. There is always massage therapy available for people that have sports related injuries and would like to recuperate in an efficient and safe manner. Many times, the use of drugs and extended treatment is unneeded, and patients may recover with simply physiotherapy or massage therapy.