Posture and alignment problems

Back and neck pain management

As humans born of instinct, we judge the intentions and attitude of others based on their posture. A chronically bad posture will affect how others view and treat you, and may cause long-term pain, discomfort and even immobility.

Fixing posture and alignment problems

Once diagnosis is complete and you have chosen your treatment along with your Era Health doctor, you may start work with one of our many qualified physiotherapists in Melbourne. The aim is to remedy your posture and alignment problems as quickly as possible, but all care and attention will be paid to ensure the process goes at a steady rate that you can tolerate.

The rehabilitation process is not a long one

Fixing your posture and alignment problems may be as simple as taking a manual handling course or an injury management class/lecture. Surgery and invasive procedures are rarely considered unless all other options have been exhausted.

Treatment depends on your condition

There are times when your condition may become so bad that you cannot have reparative treatment. There are times when it may simply be a case of managing your pain and discomfort.

Many of the treatments for posture and alignment problems will work hand-in-hand with treatments for musculoskeletal problems and joint pain. There are many times when a poor posture or a misalignment will cause the rest of your body to react and take the load, thereby causing further problems.

Physiotherapy is a big part of the recovery process and can help you start using your body and posture in the right way. It can help you undergo the uncomfortable process of recovery. It can be painful and can take a long time, but over time, the physiotherapy experts at Era Health will be able to manage your condition and possibly fix your problems completely.


Book an appointment as soon as you suspect a problem

If you even suspect you are having posture and alignment problems, you must book yourself in with an Era Health professional and get to the root cause. Like the jeweler, you may be causing your posture problems yourself, or it may be something far more serious.