Children and Adolescent

Children and Adolescent Health Centre

Children and adolescent health problems are very difficult to diagnose because they are often unable to express or understand their symptoms, and they are even less capable of managing their recovery. Highly perceptive Era Health doctors are able to pick up on a subtle cue a child gives in order to give a correct diagnosis.

Genuine expertise allows our doctors to catch potential problems before they occur, and we are able to screen for common child and adolescent illnesses that others may miss.

What happens during your appointment?

The well-being of the child must always come first, and parents are guided so they may make the best long-term decision for their child.

Make the right decisions regarding children and adolescent health

A parent must make medical decisions for their children, and the doctors at Era Health can give straight and honest advice so that parents may make good and informed decisions.

Putting treatment before drugs

The idea of filling children with drugs in order to strap a hypothetical bandage over a genuine problem is very common, but at Era health, we prefer to explore alternatives before moving towards medication. This is especially true when it comes to mental disorders with children and adolescents.

What happens after your appointment?

Parents are kept up-to-date as a priority. This is done because the parent or guardian is often in charge of the child’s recovery, especially when the child is not old or responsible enough to manage his or her recovery.

Keeping parents up to speed on their child’s progress

At Era Health believe that keeping the parents up-to-date with their child’s progress is the best way to ensure a smoother and more efficient recovery.

Promoting physical and mental health in children

Our team of dedicated experts are here to help people in Australia protect and heal their children. Our medical expertise is amongst the highest and most respected in the country, and we have proven time and time again that we can protect your children.

Your child will be given the utmost care

Era Health Clinic professionals are sensitive to the needs of young patients, and their wellbeing is put above all else. The quickest and most effective road to diagnosis and recovery is paramount. Pediatric doctors are awaiting your visit.