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Podiatry care

Our Era Health Melbourne podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions related to the feet, ankles or lower legs. Surgical and medical treatments also cover injuries and complications resulting from pre-existing health issues such as diabetes or arthritis. Podiatrists in Melbourne work closely with other specialists (i.e. endocrinologists, orthopedists and rheumatologists). They are alternately referred to as doctors of podiatric medicine, podiatry care specialists or podiatric physicians.

You can find the best podiatrist Melbourne CBD here at Era Health. Our podiatry care specialists offer tried-and-tested medical solutions for your feet and lower limbs. We cater to patients of all ages, rendering the appropriate care and treatment, in accordance with their health status.

Why a Podiatrist Melbourne?

Era Health’s Podiatry CBD Melbourne department houses certified and licenced members of the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA). Besides our firm commitment to the organisation’s advocacy on quality and inclusive foot health, our Melbourne podiatrist is also recognised for their excellent experience in biomechanical techniques and orthotic therapy. Our main areas of expertise include sporting and dance injuries, work related injuries and children’s foot problems.

The podiatry Melbourne team at Era Health prioritises patients’ foot health while faithfully complying with the advocacy areas set by the APodA.

Find the Right Podiatrist in Melbourne

Some foot problems can be unpredictable, if not progressive. Diagnosis, treatment and care should be conducted immediately before further complications arise. But how do you know you booked the right podiatrist CBD Melbourne to diagnose and treat a persistent foot problem?

Era Health has a proven track record in podiatry care. Our patients can vouch for our high success rate in solving foot related complaints. We have solved a number of basic and complex foot problems (some in collaboration with fellow specialists and healthcare professionals) to provide holistic, comprehensive and high quality podiatric care.

Our CBD Podiatry Melbourne physicians value hygiene, patient comfort and holistic foot health. We employ the most rigorous standards for hygiene and sterilisation. All procedures and practices undertaken by our podiatrists are APodA-approved. For sports-related foot injuries, we have podiatry physicians who are also experts in sports medicine. They will handle diagnosis, treatment and care to ensure the best outcomes.

Get in Touch with a Podiatrist in Melbourne CBD

Are you suffering from a fractured foot or ankle? Is your lower leg joint swelling, bruising or too painful to move? Contact Era Health as soon as possible and we will connect you with our Era Health podiatrist in Melbourne!

Because we value our patients’ wellbeing, we provide personalised podiatry care for each and every patient. Our friendly, skillful and experienced podiatrists in Melbourne will meet your expectations. Accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and care, a safe space for healing unpredictable or progressive foot problems – expect all these and more from our podiatry team.

In keeping with our holistic healthcare approach, Era Health works with a wide network of in house general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists and other Allied Health professionals to obtain better outcomes for our patients. Because your health is important to us, we go the extra mile for you.

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