Podiatry care

Era Health provides professional podiatrist podiatry care of the feet and lower limbs for all ages.

Our podiatrist is recognised for their excellent experience in biomechanical techniques and orthotic therapy, especially with relevance to sporting and dance injuries, work related injuries and children’s foot problems.
Also Era Health offers exceptional care using a wide range of therapies to alleviate all foot related complaints.
We employ the most rigorous Australian standards for hygiene and sterilisation and liaise with other health care professionals to give you the most comprehensive holistic podiatric care available.

Because at Era Health, we also provide Doctors, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Dentist and other Allied health professionals, we can obtain better outcomes for our patients due of our unique connectivity between each of Era Health Professionals.

Our patients are unique to us and our podiatrist prides himselves on providing personalised care to each individual.

Our podiatrists are friendly, skilful and experienced.

To make an appointment for podiatrist please call 03 9944 6200 or make an appointment online here in our web site.