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Our Melbourne Medical Center

Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD clinic is all about quality and sustainable health care. Every patient is a priority and all medical treatments are carried out by licenced professionals. We offer a range of services including general practice care, skin cancer checks, and vaccination services.

Our highly experienced General Practitioners specialise in the following areas:

Our medical centre Melbourne CBD seeks to cover as much ground as possible in the healthcare industry. In this regard, we have allocated a special vaccination clinic to address viruses and other infectious diseases.

Besides our holistic services and having some of the best doctors in Melbourne, our medical centre also provides the following:

  • Practice Nurse Support
  • Onsite Pathology Service
  • Telehealth appointments
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Onsite Employee Health Checks

Era Health Medical Centre partners with different organisations to ensure the health and well-being of their employees. Our clients get to experience world-class health services and assessments.

The services that we offer are:

Employee health checks will be conducted onsite. Basic packages include a lifestyle review and checks on blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol levels, diabetes, hydration levels and total body fat. Other health assessments, such as skin cancer checks, lung age, cardiac risk, urinalysis and complete blood profile to name a few, are available on request.

Let us know if you have specific requirements for your organisation and we will do our best to come up with custom health assessments. Results are released in a fast way. By offering same-day health reports for some services like Pre employment medicals, or some type of health checks, we hope to inspire your employees to be mindful of their health at all times and, where necessary, change their lifestyle for the better.

In the event you require more than one employee to be assessed, please consult with our doctors so we can arrive at a suitable arrangement. Our Melbourne CBD GPs provide the expertise that cover all you occupational health needs.

Medical Clinic Equipment

Our medical centre Melbourne invests in state-of-the-art medical equipment. With our advocacy on quality and sustainable health care, we have equipped our facility with the best and the latest:

Having an experienced set of doctors in CBD is essential for fast and efficient service. Our doctors in CBD are dedicated, committed to excellence and serious about providing the right medical solutions, from skin cancer diagnosis to mental health support. Please book in advance for skin cancer checks, and we will be sure to see you at the earliest available opportunity.

Our medical clinic Melbourne CBD is also a vaccination clinic. Vaccination services are now an essential part of our lives, and these are readily available. The vaccination services we offer are affordable and patients can choose their preferred vaccine brand. Information shall be furnished accordingly and patients are encouraged to disclose their full health history.

Any enquiries you might have concerning our current roster of vaccines, feel free to get in touch with our staff and, in keeping with social distancing guidelines, schedule a video consultation with Era Health’s resident experts.

Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD, has been included on the list of eligible practices to roll out the Covid 19 Vaccination in Melbourne. More information about when it will be available for all of our patients will be soon.

Because we prioritise health care and the well being of our patients, suppose the service requested or required is beyond our clinic’s immediate capacity, a network of specialists and doctors in CBD services is in place for immediate referral. We will refer you to the nearest Melbourne city clinic that offers the service(s) you need.

Our doctors in our Melbourne medical clinic work closely with allied health professionals ( Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Dentist, Podiatrist and other Occupational Health professionals ).

Length of Appointments

Era Health doctors, nurses and staff endeavour to provide the highest possible standard of health care. Since time is of the essence, we make it a point to meet our patients half way. If you feel you require more time with our GP in CBD than our standard 15-minute appointment, please inform our GP clinic Melbourne staff when booking.

Our doctor Melbourne CBD handles 15 to 60-minute appointments for the following:

  • Initial consultations
  • Women’s checkups, including PAP smears
  • Complex or multiple medical problems
  • Surgical procedures
  • Skin checks Melbourne

Issuance of Medical Certificates

Medical certificates for work or school are required and must be issued on the day you got sick. Note that prior consultation is necessary before a medical expert releases any document certifying your condition on the said date. Backdated medical certificates are unlawful and we recommend that you consult our doctors first to receive an authentic medical certificate.

Please visit AMA Guidelines on Medical Certificates 2011 (Revised 2016) for more details.

To schedule an appointment via video or in person, you can call 03 9944 6200 or make an online booking here.