About Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD
At our Medical Centre Melbourne CBD we offer all the Medical services that you need. Our highly experienced GPs specialise in the following areas:
PEM Melbourne

Our clinic also provides:
• Practice nurse support
On-site Pathology service


Our medical clinic is comprehensively equipped with the latest modern facilities including:

  • ECG
  • Stress ECG (CBD only)
  • Spirometry
  • Audiology
  • Pathology collection facilities
  • Vaccinations
  • Theatre for minor surgery (skin repairs and excisions – CBD only)
  • Ultrasound (CBD only)

If services are required beyond the immediate capacity of our clinic, a network of specialists and services is in place for immediate referral.

Because at our Medical Centre Melbourne , we also provide Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Dentist and other Allied health professionals, we can obtain better understanding and outcomes for our patients due of our unique connectivity between each of Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD Professionals.

Length of Appointments

We endeavour to provide the highest possible standard of care and the time taken to look after any particular problem is variable. If you feel you require more time with the doctor than our standard 15 minute appointment, please let our staff know at the time of booking. This applies for the following types of appointments:

  • Initial consultations
  • Women’s checkups including PAP smears
  • Complex or multiple medical problems
  • Surgical procedures

Medical certificates

Medical certificates for work or school are required on the day of your illness. They cannot be organized over the phone unless a consultation with the doctor has already taken place. It is illegal to back date medical certificates or issue them without a consultation.

AMA Guidelines on Medical Certificates 2011. Revised 2016

To Make an Appointment you can call on 03 9944 6200 or make you booking online