Family Planning

Family Planning Clinic

A trip to the family planning clinic is a must for any sexually active person. If used correctly, then most contraception is up to 99% effective. The most important factors are effectiveness and safety.

What can Era Health family planning do for you?

Our doctor can help you in avoiding pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and side effects and also we have specialists available to help people plan their first or next child, and even help make that child a reality in the safest manner possible.

A family planning clinic in Melbourne is ready to handle any issue

These usually involve contraception, fertility, planning and the avoidance diagnosis of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). There are numerous issues that our family planning specialists deal with on a daily basis in our Era Health clinic in Melbourne.

• Contraceptive vaginal ring
• Diaphragms and caps
• Combined pill
• Natural family planning
• POP (Progestogen-Only Pill)
• Contraception after having a baby
• Contraceptive implant
• Male and female condoms
• Emergency contraception
• LARC (Long acting reversible contraception)
• Male and female sterilization
• Contraceptive injection
• Contraceptive patch

Find out if something will affect your contraception

The family planning clinic is also available to help you with unexpected events, such as warning you when a certain medication or substance may affect your contraception. There are even times when illness, travel and stress can affect your contraception; they can certainly affect your fertility too. Emergency contraception is available, as is help for newly pregnant women.

No side effects with contraception

There should not be any side effects to contraceptive planning. You may experience side effects with some forms of contraception, but the aim is to find various means of preventing fertilization (and STIs) without side effects and whilst ensuring it is as effective as possible. Part of this process involves educating patients about how to correctly use contraception.

There is a natural family planning options

There are even natural family planning methods that are currently acceptable to all cultures and faiths. There are some techniques a woman or man may use, where once they are mastered; the man or woman may no longer need to visit the family planning clinic about contraceptive issues again.

Get help, advice, a diagnosis and treatment

Era Health family planning staff also offer advice and the answer to any questions relating to fertility, contraception and STIs.

Appointments usually last around 15 minutes, emergency contraception may be supplied, and Women’s checkups such as PAP smears may be provided.

Advice is even given on how to become pregnant, how to use your natural fertile cycle, and how to improve your fertility. Book your appointment today.