Men’s Health

New men’s health clinic in Melbourne

Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD is happy to introduce an exciting new men’s health clinic in the heart of our town.

In our men’s health centre we are able to offer a comprehensive health service with a strong focus on individual health issues encountered by men in addition to increasing health awareness and disease prevention.

Are Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD, we aim to help men reach their optimum health, no matter their stage of life.

Our Men’s Health Clinic is one of two Victorian clinics that provide instant, on-site, HIV rapid testing.

Men's Health Clinic
Areas of focus include but are not limited to
Areas of focus include but are not limited to:
  • Sexual Health Screening
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Cancer Screening
  • Pre-exercise Physical Exams
  • Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

We trust you will find this service of great benefit in an atmosphere where men of all ages can feel comfortable to talk about any health issues.

There Are Plenty Of Men’s Health Problems That Should Be Addressed

Routine men’s health checks are vitally important if you wish to live a longer life, but sadly, Australian men are very similar to British men when it comes to medical checkups and treatment. Most Australian and British men will ignore complaints, assume it will all be alright, or simply brush off their potential illnesses.

Men’s health checks are here to help promote a longer life

Regular and routine health checks are going to help a man live a longer and more productive life. Those niggling little issues that Australian men ignore are most often treatable, and a regular and routine men’s health check will help you live longer.

Era health has a men’s health department dedicated to the identification and treatment of male illnesses, ailments, and problems.

Era Health are experts at treating the heart and managing weight

Era health has a team of specialists that deal with the heart and are able to help a man manage his weight. Era health checks allow a man to find the fastest route to a longer and healthier life by checking his or her current health status, treating any issues, and even giving health and dietary advice.

Men appear to be more susceptible to things such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and such. Healthy lifestyle guidance is available and is tailored for the male body and male physique.

Cancer screening is especially important for men

Women are certainly vulnerable to more varied types of cancer than men are, but male only conditions, such as testicle and prostate cancer, are very fast and very vicious killers.

There Are Plenty Of Men’s Health Problems That Should Be Addressed
Prostate and testicle cancer kills millions of men every year

The silent spread of cancer is deadly, and during a young man’s life, he is very susceptible to testicle cancer. As he reaches his mid-thirties, he becomes ever more vulnerable to prostate cancer.

Help with sexual health, dysfunction, and counseling

Sexually related problems are not often single-service problems. Quite often, a man may need a combination of counseling, drugs and medical treatment in order to overcome a problem. Sexual health screening is readily and easily available at Era health in Melbourne, and help with sexual dysfunction is on hand too.

Dealing with relationships and sexual dysfunction as a whole

There are even relationship counseling experts there to help deal with the problems that men face in relationships and to deal with the aftereffects of illness and treatment of sexual problems.

Era Health deals with mental health issues

The old belief that mental health issues were the same for men as women are long gone. Mental health issues for men alone, and its effects on men’s health is now clearer than ever. Era health has experts standing by to help men deal with their issues and keep themselves in check so they may lead normal lives.

Men should not ignore potential illness

Such an attitude may be why men do not live as long as women in Australia do. Awareness and diligence are needed in order to ensure men’s health problems are diagnosed and treated before they become life-threatening.

If you feel this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact the staff at Era Health to book an appointment today.