Minor Surgery

Era Health has been performing minor surgery, for patients in Melbourne, successfully and safely for years. Procedures are performed by experienced and highly qualified doctors, allowing patients to recover quickly and successfully.

Urgent minor surgery is provided

Our doctors have performed minor surgery that has saved lives and helped stop the spread of cancer. There are some minor surgeries that need to be done quickly in order to:

  •  Save on further discomfort
  •  To save on the spread of further illness
  •  To save lives
Minor Surgery-era health Clinic

Quick surgery when you need it

The goal of Era Health is to make the minor surgery process as quick and comfortable as possible. Minor surgery involves things such as:
• Suturing,
• Curettage,
• Snips and shaves,
• Cyst removal,
• Removal of in-growing toenails,
• Infection control,
• Punch biopsies,
• Lymphoma removal,
• Abscess removal
• Treating non-pigmented and pigmented skin lesions.

Phobias are a part of minor surgery

Era Health is sensitive to the fact that some people have phobias about minor surgery. The idea of being operated on whilst fully awake is something that worries a lot of people.

The utmost care is taken to ensure that people are at ease, and options are discussed as to how a person’s fear may be allayed. Sometimes it is through being sedated or anesthetized, and sometimes it involves having a friend or family present to help calm the patient.

How long will minor surgery take?

Having minor surgery does not have to be something that takes all day. It is not a case of being a walk-in walk-out situation, but many times the surgery and pre/post treatment is a lot quicker than people imagine.

Seasoned professionals conduct surgery every day

Era Health doctors have to deal with minor surgery on a daily basis, which reaffirms their knowledge and experience. It is one of the reasons why minor surgery is such a smooth and straightforward procedure in their Melbourne clinic.

Your safety is the only priority

The utmost care is taken to ensure the right surgery is performed, and that the medical history of the patient is taken into account. That is why some patients are asked to do things prior to having minor surgery, such as give samples, or stop taking their medication for a few days prior to surgery.

The safe and comfortable option for patients, is to book themselves in with Era Health in Melbourne. All of your options will be laid before you and you can pick the best course of treatment.