Era Health offers a wide range of vaccinations for the people of Melbourne and surrounding areas in Australia.

Protecting babies, children and adults from infectious disease has been proven to save millions of lives and has even helped to eradicate disease. Countries that do not offer widespread vaccinations are constantly under the strains of epidemics and disease.

Vaccinations are 100% proven safe

They are tested hundreds of thousands of times before being approved for use on the general public, and the fact is that all vaccines are proven safe. There are times when people have allergic reactions to vaccines, but that doesn’t mean they are unsafe in the same way that peanuts are not considered unsafe.


Types of childhood vaccines

+ Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
+ Pneumococcal
+ Varicella (chickenpox)
+ Hepatitis A Vaccine
+ Streptococcus Pneumoniae (Pneumococcus)
+ Hepatitis B
+ Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
+ Poliomyelitis
+ Influenza
+ Rotavirus
+ Haemophilus Influenzae B (hib)

Up-to-date vaccines

Come to Era Health in Melbourne and keep your own, and your children’s vaccinations up-to-date. Book yourself into a clinic, and the service is very quickly.

You may be in and out within a matter of minutes. If you are worried about allergic reactions, then steps may be taken to ensure that any reaction is treated.

Vaccinations save millions of lives each year

First, a parent must protect their child from infectious disease. This is important both for the safety of the child, and to help stop the spread of disease through the human population.

Sadly, there are times when animals, insects and water systems carry deadly disease, but if the people that come in contact with these diseases are vaccinated, and the people they come in contact with are vaccinated, then those diseases remain isolated.

Incorrect research reports are killing people

A research report claimed that childhood vaccinations cause autism and other complications. This report has been proven to be a fraud that was set up to increase drug companies profits through treating the diseases that inoculations were eradicating from the general public.

Childhood vaccinations are proven to save children’s lives

The scare stories about childhood vaccinations have caused people to refrain from inoculating their children, and this has led to children dying and being permanently scarred or injured from the diseases that inoculations protect them from. Childhood inoculations are saving millions of lives every day.

Do what is best for your child

Do not refrain from inoculating your child because a drug company wanted to scare people and make more profit. Do not refrain from inoculating your child and making your child another death statistic. Book yourself into an Era Health clinic in Melbourne and do what is best for your child.