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Women’s health

Women’s health checks are vitally important for women throughout their lifetime. A woman’s body is more complex than a mans, which makes sense since a woman’s body is designed to carry the life of another inside it.

Through having more complex makeup, through evolution, external factors, and even through genetic traits, it seems that women have developed more medical complaints than men.

Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD Checks can ensure a longer life

Living a long and healthy life is every sane person’s dream, and Era Health checks are able to identify problems and issues that may shorten a woman’s life. The average life expectancy in Melbourne Australia is 80.7 years. If you want help reaching a ripe old age, then book an appointment with Era Health in Melbourne Australia and have a full checkup.

There are some health issues that women’s are unavoidable

Younger and middle-aged woman often need advice and help with contraception. Some woman also opts for and/or need hormone treatments in middle age, and many older women need tests for dementia and other common psychological conditions.

A younger woman is prone to swift killing conditions

Cancer is especially vicious in younger women and can take a young woman’s life in months. There is also a great need for Women’s health medical checks with regard to fertility and the maintenance of fertility.

Women’s Health  Checks Melbourne CBD
A middle-aged woman is prone to degenerative and debilitating ailments

During her middle age, the average woman is vulnerable to a massive range of illnesses and medical conditions, and many of them are degenerative and/or deadly if not caught in time. Our team can help identify large and small complaints, illnesses, conditions, and ailments. Sometimes it is simply a case of catching them before they get worse.

An older woman should be comfortable

Living in Melbourne Australia helps guarantee that most elderly women will live in comfort, especially when compared to the rest of the world. Era health is able to treat and manage any women’s health issues to ensure a better standard of living. We are especially proud of our team of skilled doctors and physiotherapists that are able to successfully treat Women’s health-related musculo skeletal issues in the young and old.

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Though there are significantly fewer conditions that will take a middle-aged woman’s life, when compared to a younger woman, there are plenty of degenerative and debilitating ailments and conditions that can significantly impact a woman’s health during her senior years. There are era health checks that will help find and treat these conditions before they become debilitating and even life-threatening.

Why not start with this 10 checks to keep you healthy

1- Bowel cancer

2-Breast cancer

3- Cervical cancer

4- High blood pressure

5- High cholesterol

6- Cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke

7- Dental health

8- Skin cancer – Melanoma

9- Overweight

10- Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

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