Sports Injury diagnosis and treatment

Sports Injuries / Musculo-skeletal Conditions

Sports injuries are enough to kill careers, and they can leave people crippled. Weightlifters are especially prone to severe, permanent and life-threatening conditions, and all of it could be avoided by taking the right advice, getting the correct sports injury diagnosis, and making sure you follow your rehabilitation programs correctly.

Sports injury diagnosis

Era Health clinics in Melbourne have been undertaking sports injury diagnosis procedures for years, and are experts at spotting both big and small problems. Correct diagnosis and suitable treatment is able to save people years of discomfort, pain, and even helps people continue playing sports after rehabilitation is complete.

Era Health has physiotherapists that specialize in sports injuries

One if Era Health’s biggest selling points is the sheer number of highly qualified physiotherapists that specialize in sports injuries. That is why the service is second to none, and Era Health’s patient profile is so broad–from famous stars to hobbyists and weekend surfers.

You will find a comprehensive list of expertly performed physiotherapy services, and you can undergo them with leading specialists in the field. Treatment goes from diagnosis, to rehabilitation, which includes treatment and supervision until you are able to return to your sporting activity.

Injury management and physiotherapy

The process does not start and end with physiotherapy. There is a whole process to improving and healing injuries. Monitoring happens routinely to ensure you reach your target recovery goals, and early intervention allows Era doctors and physiotherapists in Melbourne to manage acute injuries and treat them accordingly.

Managing your injury is an ongoing process

You will be asked to fill out medical health questionnaires, and you will be tested at suitable intervals to be sure you are healing correctly. You will be instructed on how you may improve your rehabilitation at home and in the gym, and additional investigations and assessments may be undertaken if you wish to go back to work or wish to ease yourself back into your sport.

Making sure you can ease back into your sport

Easing your way back into the sport may be needed if you are likely to sustain a substantial loss in ability/capability if you concentrate only on rest and recuperation. Era Health can help you keep your body in shape so that when you start playing the sport again you are not left behind.

Fast and effective treatment is a given with Era Health, as the physiotherapists within are world class and at the top of their game.