Forensic Medicine

About Dr Gall:

John is a forensic physician with over 20 years experience in the field. He is a Senior Consultant in the Victorian Paediatric Forensic Medical Service located at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre, a Clinical Associate Professor within the Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne, a member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Legal and Forensic Medicine, Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, and Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences. John undertook postgraduate training in anatomical and forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine. He has practised Clinical Forensic Medicine for over twenty years initially as a Forensic Medical Officer with Victoria Police and later as a consultant at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. He has been extensively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education both at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, has been involved in forensic medical research and has published several books and research papers in the field. He is President of the World Police Medical Officers.

T: Era Health – 9944 6200

  • Personal Injury
  • Child abuse and neglect (including child sexual abuse)
  • Injury interpretation
  • Traffic medicine (drugs and driving)
  • Custodial medicine
  • Clinical toxicology
  • Cancer cluster investigations
Forensic Medicine services- Dr john

Dr John AM Gall BSc (Hons), MB, BS, PhD, FACLM, FFFLM (RCP Lond), FFCFM (RCPA), DMJ (Clin & Path)
Consultant Forensic Physician