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Women's health-related Musculo-skeletal issues

ERA HEALTH provides a very experienced team of physiotherapists in Melbourne to manage general, occupational and sports-related problems. Besides giving advice, manual therapy and educating patients, a physiotherapist in Melbourne examines both acute and chronic soft tissue pain with the end goal of recovery and relief. During your first session, you will undergo thorough assessment and examination of your health concern. Your Melbourne CBD physio will subsequently inform you of your treatment options as well as help you devise the most appropriate plan of action with your participation and permission.

State-of-the-Art Melbourne Physiotherapy Facilities

ERA HEALTH believes good equipment is worth the investment. Our patients deserve the best for their recovery and well-being. This is why we have installed top-notch physio facilities – including a fully equipped gym for rehabilitation. With the advice and guidance of a qualified Melbourne physiotherapist, patients can experience safe and supervised exercise programs that will allow them to better manage their pain, illness or disability.

You can look forward to real-time ultrasound assessments of core stability muscle, which will also be handled by an in-house Melb CBD physio. Though several of our resident physiotherapists Melbourne specialise in sports injuries, we actually offer a well-rounded list of services.

Request a physio in Melbourne if you require any of the following:

In addition, a full range of occupational health physiotherapy services for employers and organisations are also available. Get in touch with us should you need any of the following for your company’s workforce and management:

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Why is it important to let a physiotherapist in Melbourne CBD examine your physical injuries – especially sports-related injuries – right away?

If not assessed, managed or treated properly, pain or injury caused by sports or medical conditions may worsen over time. Going through the right process prevents unnecessary costs and facilitates pain management and recovery. Immediate diagnosis and treatment help an injury heal faster and decrease the resulting pain.

That is why consulting a physio Melbourne is not only crucial but indispensable. Pain induced by injuries, disabilities or illnesses require immediate management and must not be left untreated for a long time. We recommend patients not to self-medicate or treat physical pain and injury using home remedies. The sooner you find a physiotherapist Melbourne CBD, the sooner you recover or find relief.

Physiotherapy in Melbourne focuses on therapeutic exercises, which will be customised to alleviate varying degrees of pain and correct posture or muscle problems. Patients who regularly go to therapy experience improved strength. They also develop more range of motion, are better able to move their joints and increase their endurance. A regular session of physiotherapy in Melbourne CBD may involve a soft tissue massage, some stretching exercises or a pressure point massage to reduce stiffness and relieve pain.

Health Insurance Physiotherapy in Melbourne CBD

ERA HEALTH has always prioritised patients and their health. Because we value you and your well-being, we accept many health insurance like Bupa and Medibank. Please refer to our receptionist to see how much you are covered by them.

Our centre is up-to-date and compliant with the rules and regulations set by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). the representative body of physiotherapists in Melbourne and across Australia as well as their patients.

At Era Health, we have a wide network of licenced medical professionals to help you address your health concerns. From doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists to dentists and other allied health professionals, we better understand the outcomes for our patients due to our solid roster of Era Health Professionals.

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