Sports Injuries / Musculo-skeletal Conditions

We have to be very careful when it comes to musculo-skeletal conditions, especially when it comes to sports injuries, where a simple condition may escalate and ruin a person’s sporting career, ruin their quality of life and may even effect their mobility.

Book a consultation and catch the problem early

If musculo-skeletal conditions are caught early enough, then steps may be taken so the patient is healed fully, or so that the condition does not worsen. Book an appointment at an Era Health clinic in Melbourne today.

Treating sports injuries that could ruin a career

There are plenty of soft tissue techniques and manual therapy techniques to help treat sports injuries. There are structured exercise programs and patient-specific exercise prescriptions.

Sports Injuries / Musculo-skeletal Conditions

Get advice as well as treatment

Era Health offers advice and education on mobility, musculo-skeletal conditions and healing. This also includes advice on chronic back pain. If you have long-standing pain, then there are pain management programs and a functional restoration program.

Long-term treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions

There are some conditions that cannot be healed, but steps can be taken to manage the pain, improve mobility, and to make sure that either a degradation in health does not happen, or make sure degeneration happens at the slowest possible rate.

Injury avoidance and therapy techniques

Advice and checkups are given so that you may avoid injury. There are times when repetitive stress and strain on the body causes small problems that are hard to catch. Over time, this may turn into a major issue if it is not fixed early enough.

There are therapy techniques that may be used to ensure that your long-term health does not suffer, and there is advice on how to avoid repetitive injury in the future. Help, advice, checks, screening and treatment are available when needed.

What sorts of musculo-skeletal conditions do Era Health treat on a regular basis?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of conditions that Era Health professionals have to treat on a regular basis. Some of the most commonly seen conditions include:

+ wrist pain
+ work related injuries
+ sprains and strains
+ soft tissue injuries
+ sports injuries
+ shoulder pain
+ sacroiliac joint pain
+ rheumatological conditions
+ repetitive strain injuries
+ post spinal surgery
+ post orthopaedic operations
+ musculoskeletal conditions
+ paediatric orthopaedic
+ neck pain
+ whiplash treatment
+ knee pain
+ pain management
+ injuries post trauma
+ fractures
+ hip pain
+ headaches
+ elbow pain
+ chronic back pain
+ ankle pain
+ acute back pain
+ disc problems
+ sciatica