Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services

Risk management for many businesses should include Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services from Era Health clinics in Melbourne. This is especially true if your employees risk causing damage to themselves, other employees or the general public. Some industries have mandatory screening to the point where it is against the law if you do not give drug and alcohol tests to your staff.

What can you expect from our Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services?

Era health specialist doctors are accredited, experienced and professionals. They are occupational practitioners that are able to carry out legally definitive drug and alcohol tests.

Our tests will satisfy CASA requirements that are specified for DAMP (Drug And Alcohol management Plan). Have alcohol testing performed on-site, or have your employees attend our Melbourne clinics. We service companies from all around Australia.

Our Medical Review Officer (MRO) will work on staff at your business location and use saliva and urine testing kits to check to see if your employees have taken drugs or have drugs in their system.

Every phase of the program is carried out by qualified medical personnel so that the results do not lose their integrity and will stand up in court if needed. You can have your positive tests confirmed at a NATA accredited pathology lab if you wish.


• Improved morale at the workplace
Other employees on drugs or coming to work with drink on their breath can be quite a moral sapper, especially since few workers ever feel they can report such behavior.

• Comply with duty of care OH&S legislation
This is especially true if the worker may compromise safety and lives if he or she is on drugs or has come to work intoxicated.

• Productivity will improve
If some of your employees do have a drug or alcohol problem, then you can be sure it is affecting productivity. You can take decisive and legally correct action against it with proper Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services.

• Reduce the number of sick days taken
People that abuse drugs and alcohol are known to have more sick days than clean workers, and you can weed out the problem employees with our screening services.

• Make a reasonable saving in your business
Many of our Era Health clients claim that they saved money as a direct result of our Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services be it in productivity, less sick days, lower insurance premiums, a happier workforce, or even through a reduction in accidents.

• Nuisance and compensation claims will fall
If you cannot prove that a worker was drunk or high when he or she caused an accident, then you may be liable for stiffer financial penalties.

• Many regulatory bodies require assurances from employee screening
This is especially true when a drunk or high employee may cause the loss of life to the general public. You can stamp out any risk and comply with your industry regulatory bodies at the same time.

Advice, planning, risk assessment improvements and implementation of screenings may be given at your request. So contact an Era Health clinic today, save money, reduce claims and put your company back on the right track.

Drug & Alcohol Screening and MRO Services