Ergonomic and Risk Assessments

Throughout Australia, our Era Health professionals provide ergonomic and risk assessments to companies to help make sure their workers are safe, to ensure absenteeism stays at a minimum, and to dramatically lower the risk of compensation claims.

Jobs where manual handling plays a role can be quite dangerous over an extended period of time. Incorrectly managed, your staff may gain debilitating repetitive injuries that will warrant devastating compensation claims. With our help at Era Health, you can put a stop to this and so much more.

What Will ergonomic and risk assessments Feature?

We work to tailor assessments to your specific industry and your specific business. We also factor in each individual worker, as we know that not all people can be assessed under the same umbrella protocols.

· We will make a recommendation for each employee after the assessments
· We advise on equipment being used
· We make recommendations on work details and assigned tasks
· We help you take preventative action against workplace risk
· We make recommendations on risk control strategies
· We help you decide which employees are suited for new roles
· We help build risk management protocols based on our detailed reports

What Are The Benefits?

The biggest benefits come from helping you build, adjust and evolve your risk management guidelines and protocols. This alone will help reduce the risk of injuries if your staff are correctly trained.

• Improve your current risk management guidelines
• Work towards lowering or improving risk factors
• Discover places where your workplace should be improved
• Improve efficiency without increasing worker-injury risk
• Change your work routine or process without endangering your staff
• Reduce the number of absentee workers through having fewer injuries
• Increase your productivity safely
• Encourage positive corporate health
• Comply with duty of care and OH&S legislation
• Lower the overall risk of injuries at work
• Find potential risks related to each work station or working process

The benefits to your company may not seem instantly visible, as prevention often goes unnoticed, whereas failure can sometimes land you in the national news. As a thoughtful and proactive company, it is wise to take all due precautions.

Not only do we help you build those precautions, by hiring us, you show you have made a diligent effort towards worker safety, which always looks good in both the courts and for your public reputation. At Era Health, we have an impeccable reputation, so our opinions and advice are beyond reproach if you ever need to call upon it during potential compensation claims.