Exit Health Assessments

Many corporate health programmes have exit health assessments. They are medical checks that occur when your staff members leave your company or changes jobs. This helps to determine if your staff members are currently up to the task of a new job and helps send them on their way if they are leaving to pursue a new career elsewhere.

Exit Health Assessments Help To Cover Your Back

There are times when employees leave a job and then months down the line try to file claims for injuries they say they had whilst working for you. In some cases, the companies involved do not stand a chance at the tribuneral, but exit health assessments can help prove decisively that the employee was not ill or injured when leaving your company. It also helps you manage any claims if an employee is injured prior to leaving.

What Do Exit Health Assessments Feature?

Our aim is to ensure that the staff members leaving your company are fit and healthy, and to ensure that their claims against your company are groundless (if in fact they are). Otherwise, identifying the early signs of work-related health problems can stop larger claims materializing down the road.

· The patient is given a full examination
· Height, vision, weight, pulse and blood pressure measurements are taken
· A medical questionnaire is given
· A determination of health is taken
· Further tests may be given if the patient is suspected of having an injury or illness

What Benefits Do Exit Health Assessments Offer?

The first benefit is that your staff do not have to attend our clinics; we can perform our exit health assessments anywhere in Australia. You also benefit from having an independent opinion on if a worker is actually ill/injured or not. A worker claiming he or she is injured or ill because of your workplace can be proven or disproved by our Era Health professionals. What’s more, we can ascertain the seriousness of the condition to help lower the compensation if the worker is “dramatizing” the condition.

Era Health exit health assessments help protect an employer from future litigation or compensation claims. They tend to occur a few months after the worker has left his or her job. It sometimes happens if they have trouble finding a new job and need money. With our exit health assessments we can prove your ex-employee was not ill or injured when he or she left your company.

Call our Era Health clinics now and book exit health assessments. Our findings help prevent future injury and subsequent compensation claims.

Exit Health Assessments