Fitness for Duty

Employment medical assessments for Fitness for Duty are designed to help keep your workforce active and healthy. Small injuries can become far more complex if not properly diagnosed and treated. Your injury management protocols can be dramatically improved by our Era Health specialists in our Melbourne clinics.

Improve Your Risk Management Protocols

The things learned from Fitness for Duty tests help to improve your risk management protocols. This is especially important when dealing with repetitive tasks that cause long-term injury in a very subtle, almost unnoticeable way. Helping to ensure your workers are fit and healthy after injury will help prevent future recurrences and related injuries.

What Benefits Do Fitness for Duty Assessments offer?

They can help you comply with staff compensation legislation, and may help reduce your insurance premiums. They can help your workforce recover more efficiently and reduce staff sickness days.

• Comply with current safety legislation
• Reduce compensation claims
• Improve Health & Safety in the workplace
• Speed up injury rehabilitation
• Sure up and evolve your risk management protocols and guidelines

Get A Report Filled With Our Findings

We do not only give advice and treatment, we also provide you with a full written report of our findings. This can help improve your future health, safety and risk management protocols. Our specific recommendations are offered, and we will even help you implement them.

From our Era Health clinics in Melbourne, we can provide these services across Australia, and the amount of lost time and lost productivity we help save will far outweigh any of our fees.

Finding Out If Your Staff Are Fit To Work

At Era Health, we deal with injuries, illnesses and any psychological issues your staff may have that may impede their ability to work. Many clinics overlook the psychological side of injury and illness, and over time that may become very dangerous. We take an employee’s psychological fitness into account to help build a more comprehensive evaluation and report.

Helping To Avoid Problems In The Future

That is what our Fitness for Duty assessments aim to achieve. Even small repetitive injuries may increase in severity over the years and may result in massive compensation claims. We can help you nip them in the bud as early as possible in order to avoid damage to your company in reputation terms, in compensation terms and in terms of lost productivity.

You can arrange to have your employees visit our Melbourne clinics to see if they are fit for duty, or we can arrange to have a specialist visit your workplace to carry out basic assessments. We would then advise you on any further tests or treatment that may be needed.

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