Health Surveillance

If you work in a business where you have key employees, it can be a massive blow to lose them even for a short while, especially if the loss is unexpected due to injury or illness. It may be that you cannot find suitable cover, or that the person is needed at vital times through which that person cannot be ill or absent.

With Era Health services, we can provide health surveillance to be sure to catch any potential illnesses or injuries before they become more serious. We can ensure that your star players stay in the game, and if you opt for workforce health surveillance, we can help reduce absenteeism, illness, injuries and compensation claims. Find out what we can do for you today by contacting one of our Era Health clinics in Melbourne.

What Will Health Surveillance Entail?

A screening programme may be instigated upon your approval, under which the Era Health doctors may administer tests including:

• Audiology
• Health assessments
• Blood tests
• Functional assessment
• Chest x-rays
• Urine tests
• Medical health checks
• Spirometry

Our health surveillance services are some of the most valuable services we offer in the name of protecting workers from illness and injury. Our tailored programmes ensure that industry specific illnesses, injuries and repetitive strains are watched out for and managed correctly.

What Benefits Will Your Company Enjoy?

Above all, you are given a clear image of the health of your staff. This is important in productivity terms, and can be vital if you have a big job coming and you need to be sure your staff are at the top of their game.

• Get an overview of the health of your staff
• Monitor how worker health affects productivity
• Learn the negative effects that poor worker health has on your business
• Stay in line with current duty of care legislation and requirements
• Help maintain a higher level of employee health
• Catch illnesses in staff before they spread
• Show that you care about your employees
• Improve your risk management plans
• Lower the effects of any hazardous material

The long-term benefits of health surveillance are what you make them. You can use our finding to catch problems in the moment, and you can use our finding to improve your process, Health & Safety, and your future risk management plans. Make contact today and see what we can do for you.

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