Injury Management & Advice

Our doctors and specialists at Era Health offer injury management & advice to help your employees return to work whilst avoiding future aggravation and injury. Our management plans have proven to save companies thousands, and have helped keep company workforces as efficient as possible.

What can injury management & advice do for me?

The sheer amount of money we save for our clients is quite substantial and that is why companies come back to us again and again. Our early identification of complex problems and the action plans we put in place help to reduce staff sick days dramatically.

Early intervention is possible

It can help stop a minor injury becoming a big one that causes an employee or sportsperson to take a long time off work.

Complex conditions may be spotted

Not only may they be identified, they may also be spotted early so that treatment may begin to stop the problem becoming worse.

A designated workplace representative can liaise with Era Health doctors

This will result in the proper action plan being put into place that suits your company as well as the injured person.  Timeframes and recovery rates may also be discussed.

Our injury management & advice helps manage injuries correctly

Correctly managed, we can ensure that your staff get back to work in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

Monitoring may be put in place

We can set up plans that help compare your worker’s health, progress and productivity against expected levels, and we can help you move forwards with your current injury management plans.

Effective treatment and appropriate rehabilitation

Our injury management & advice services help your staff members recover efficiently and safely, and we help make sure that rehabilitation happens carefully to avoid future aggravation or future injury.

We may carry out workplace visits

If you feel that your business has a unique set of challenges, we can facilitate workplace visits and consultations, so you may get our direct input, advice, and risk management help.

We help you set up an injury management plan

By doing this we can help avoid injuries, lower staff sick days, reduce absenteeism on the whole, allow you to comply with Health & Safely protocols and dramatically lower your number of compensation claims. Our Era Health clinics in Melbourne are standing by to help you, and we can work without disrupting your current workplace, whilst improving productivity in the short and long-term.

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