Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training Melbourne

Our physiotherapists are able to help build a comprehensive manual handling training programme for your company. In some industries, not only is it the law that your employees be correctly trained, there are some insurance companies that will not insure you if you cannot prove you are correctly offering manual handling training to your staff. At Era Health we can advise, build and directly supervise your manual handling training programme.

What Does Manual Handling Training Feature?

There is always a tailored side to our manual handling training help, advice and management. We know that no two businesses are alike, so we tailor our services to suit your needs.

· We have non-accredited and accredited courses
· Workers learn how to assess danger themselves
· Each course is designed to fit your workplace
· Workers learn how their actions affect their body in the long-run
· Successful participants get a competency award
· Workers are taught how and why they should follow safety guidelines
· Some workers are shocked into being more careful

You can pass workplace audits if you follow our instructions on Health & Safety, and your reduction in worker claims will eventually mean better insurance rates. You may also start advertising that your company has been accident free for a certain number of months or years, which will help improve your standing with the local populace, employment agencies and potential workers.

How Can My Company Benefit?

Besides the Health & Safety protocols, besides less workplace injuries, and besides better worker moral, there is also the massive amount you save on compensation claims. You have no defense against claims for manual-handling-related injury. Not only does this leave your company vulnerable to every nuisance-compensation claim, it also means bigger compensation claims as prosecutors claim you are an uncaring company.

Designing A Course That Works For Your Company

There are some very basic courses that apply to most companies, but we also tailor your courses to be sure they apply to your business in a way that comprehensively covers you against injury claims. We make sure there is no process that causes injury that your staff can claim they were never warned about.

Our Era Health physiotherapists remain up-to-date with current legal developments that may leave you vulnerable to compensation claims, and their knowledge and techniques are kept up to date so nobody can claim your company teaches defunct manual handling techniques.