Medical Legal Reports

Era Health professionals are qualified and certified health professionals ranging from doctors and nurses to physiotherapists, dentist, Psychologists and podiatrists. The Era Health team is fully qualified to dispense medical legal reports. In terms of legal reports and being expert witnesses, Era Health staff is reliable and their comments, opinions, diagnosis and results will stand up in any court.

Era Health And Medical Legal Reports

The main goal of our Era Health Staff, at our Melbourne clinic, is to provide health services, protection against illness and disease, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. However, because our qualification profiles are quite broad, and because we are experienced and respected, we can also provide medical legal reports.

We have worked with various companies and individuals, as well as with solicitors and people in the insurance industry.

Why Pick Era Health For Medical Legal Reports?

Our doctors and consultants have years of experience and their reports are legally valid, meaning their medical legal reports will stand up in court. Assessment and reports can be done quickly to meet your deadlines, and many comment on the expediency of our turnaround.

We can have dedicated teams act on your behalf and ensure all your needs are met. Our clinics are reputable and have a range of services, which means we can deal with a number of conditions and provide valid medical legal reports in Melbourne.

We have a network of care that is well respected, and the feedback we get from patients is exemplary.

We Work In A Range Of Areas

The most popular requests for medical legal reports are regarding personal injury compensation. Our Era Health services work on a wide variety of conditions in a number of areas. Many of our medical legal reports are created for areas such as:

· Public Liability
· Criminal Injury
· Industrial Disease
· Personal Injury
· Employers Liability
· Medical Negligence

We offer a premium standard of medical reporting. Our clinics are in Melbourne, but we are able to cover all of Australia. We have medical professionals that cover a wide variety of specialist areas, and we invest a lot in customer care to help you assist with your client retention.

We have a lot to offer at Era Health Clinic. Make contact and we can discuss your needs and how our medical legal reports may help and may apply to the case you are fighting or client you are representing.

Medical Legal Reports