Rail & Tram Medicals

Rail & Tram medicals are needed due to stipulations in the law, where having an unhealthy worker in charge could further endanger human lives more than seemingly usual. There is also a financial reason to have your staff undergo rail & tram medicals, as it helps to protect against any future litigation your company may receive.

Our team at Era Health is highly experienced when it comes to employment medicals, and we are currently trusted by some of the biggest company names in Australia.
We provide Category 1-3 medical assessments following the Code of Practice for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers applicable to all rail and tramways employees.

Here Is What We Can Do For You

The health of your workforce will improve, you lower the changes of future litigation, and you help comply with current national law as well as insurance company stipulations.

Our medical examinations and assessments follow a Code of Practice for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers. We follow the guidelines and rules, and we apply the code to any applicable tramway and rail employee. We take into account functional assessments that are needed to work at certain positions.

What Are The Benefits For Your Company?

· Improve your workplace health
· Stop insurance compensations from going up through claims
· Lower the number of accidents and injuries in your workplace
· Comply with duty of care requirements
· Improve your health and safety at work
· Lower the amount of future litigation that may be coming your way

What Will Our Services Feature?

The specifics of what our medicals will feature is going to depend on your industry, your company processes and the environment your workers have to endure. Many elements of our assessments are pretty standard, but it is in your interest to tailor them to your specific company in order to cover all bases for future litigation.

· An accredited health professional will conduct the examinations
· The code of practice for tram and rail workers is followed
· Pre-employment medicals may be undertaken
· We offer on-going medicals
· We can conduct your medicals on-site
· We minimize the amount of disruption in your workplace

Book your rail & tram medicals and our specially trained health professionals can visit your place of work and conduct assessments when it is right for you.

Rail & Tram Medicals