Vaccinations, Flu Shots and Travel Health

A comprehensive program of vaccinations, Flu shots and travel health advice is available with Era Health clinics. The reduction in absenteeism and lost productivity is well worth the relatively small fee issued for vaccinating your staff. This is especially true if your staff have to travel overseas, where both the law and your insurance company will demand that staff members are vaccinated.

Have Your Staff Members Vaccinated Against The Flu

Part of our vaccinations, Flu shots and travel health helps ensure your workers do not come down with the Flu. Many people have misconceptions about the Flu, with many people thinking a bad cold is the Flu. Genuine Flu can be life-threatening and is highly contagious even before symptoms develop. You can have your workforce vaccinated against the Flu and stop an absentee cataclysm before it starts.

The Benefits Of Our Flu Vaccinations

You can have your staff member visit one of our Era Health clinics and have their vaccination, or we can send a specialist to your workplace and have your workers vaccinated on site.

· There is a 43% reduction in influenza
· Upper respiratory illnesses are reduced by 25%
· Absenteeism through illness drops by 36%

Era Health Provide Routine Vaccinations

These are the vaccinations that good parents give their children during their childhood. You can continue to vaccinate against them into childhood, and it may be necessary if you work or have to travel to areas where outbreaks are likely. The vaccinations Era Health Clinics offer are:

· Tetanus
· Diphtheria
· Mumps
· Measles
· Rubella
· Pneumonia
· Influenza
· Hepatitis B
· Polio
· Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE)
· Whooping Cough (Pertussis),
· Chicken Pox (Varicella)

As you know, some of these conditions are bad for children, but deadly for adults. If some of your staff members haven’t had things such as Chicken Pox during their childhood, then it may be worth having them vaccinated as adults.

Get Your Travel Vaccinations From Era Health

Each country your staff members visit will pose a different risk to their health. For some places it is law that staff be vaccinated before being sent overseas. It is also common sense, as that staff member may return to work and infect the rest of your crew.

On Site Or In Our Clinics

Our Era Health clinics in Melbourne are able to take appointments for vaccinating your staff. If you would like to have a lot of staff members vaccinated, then call about a visit from one of our doctors and have your staff members vaccinated on site.

Vaccinations, Flu Shots and Travel Health