Work Place Assessments

Our work place assessments are tailored to your company to be sure they are productive, and to be sure they suit all your company needs. This also means that the results are far more reliable.

Our group of Occupational health professionals works closely with your company personnel to work out the best assessment plans, and to help you build on the results to improve your health & safety protocols. They may also help identify where employees are getting hurt or becoming ill.

What Do Our Work Place Assessments Feature?

You can expect a full and detailed report about the general health of your workforce, and of the health of your individual workers. You get a general report and it can be manufactured to be general in order to protect the privacy of your employees.

Era Health specialists will help identify any existing health risks and make recommendations for modifications to your workplace based on those risks.

Our detailed reports come with strategies and recommendations to help your company change and evolve into a safer working environment. This helps reduce injuries, illnesses, absenteeism and reduce the number of nuisance or injury claims your company receives.

· We develop programmes through liaising with your senior management
· Comply with OH&S legislation
· Comprehensive testing is done to assess workplace health
· Comply with duty of care regulations
· Individual examinations are carried out
· We emphasize preventative health and employee wellness

What Benefits Will You Enjoy Because Of Work Place Assessments

The immediate benefits include finding and diagnosing potentially dangerous illnesses and injuries. In the long-term, you can expect fewer injury claims for compensation, and reduced absenteeism. Our assessments help identify the individuals that may be injured or ill, and work to help stop their ailment happening to other staff members. Era Health work place assessments are tailored to your workplace to make them more productive. We can also send specialists to your workplace to help reduce disruptions.

· You will see a reduction in absenteeism
· Your company productivity will improve
· You will see a reduction in injuries and accidents
· Onsite assessments to avoid workplace disruption
· We work with your personnel to develop assessment programs
· Our assessments help increase health & safety awareness in the workplace.

Every programme is tailored to your company, and we have seen dramatic rises in workplace productivity thanks to your work place assessments with other companies. We can discuss your needs at our Era Health clinics in Melbourne and arrange site visits that suit you.

Work Place Assessments