Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain diagnosis and treatment

Muscle and joint pain may occur if you workout too much, if you have muscular problems, or even if you are suffering from another illness. Tone down your exercise a little if you truly believe that is the problem.

If there is no improvement, or you believe your muscle and joint pain is not exercise related, then book an appointment with an Era Health physiotherapist in Melbourne CBD right away. What you may be experiencing is the onset of an illness, or a muscular/joint problem that will only get worse.

Treating muscle and joint pain

Diagnosis is very easy, due to the technology at hand in an Era Health clinic. Tests and examinations are performed to find out if you are fit for work, fit for duty, and if you have any problems that are going to deteriorate over time.

Fees are going to vary depending upon your condition and the number of tests that need to be performed on you. There are nursing and ancillary staff available to assist the doctors and specialists, all of which makes the process smoother and more streamlined for patients.

Era Health has a team of highly skilled physiotherapists

The Era Health clinics in Melbourne are known around Australia for the team of skilled and dedicated physiotherapists on the team. There are few clinics that can boast such a pool of talent, and it has really helped raise the bar when it comes to patient treatment, recovery times, and pain management.

Muscle and joint pain can come from many sources

You need to get yourself checked out with an Era Health doctor to be sure that your joint or muscle pain is not a symptom of something far more serious. If not, then there are many causes, such as:

• Trauma through accidents
• Fractures and broken bones
• Falls and bumps
• Wear and tear
• Strains and sprains
• Repetitive stress
• Prolonged immobilization
• Poor posture and/or poor body mechanics
• Spinal misalignment

Appointments with Era Health physiotherapists will only last for around fifteen minutes, after which your doctor will make a recommendation on further action. He or she may send you away with some good advice and you can manage your own recovery, or the doctor may suggest further tests to find the root cause of your muscle and joint pain.

Once the tests are complete, you are given recommendations for further treatment, at which time you may continue your treatment within a physiotherapist. There are physiotherapists with decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge that are available to help you.