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As you are aware, your mental health has a direct effect on your general health. It has been proven categorically that things such as stress can affect your health and even advance certain life-threatening illnesses. Things such as anxiety and sleeplessness can result in serious injury and progressively worse physical illness. Era Health psychologists and doctors can help you cope.


If you have trouble relaxing, then you can book an appointment with an Era Health specialist to develop some understanding of your problem and find the best strategies for you to learn to relax both body and mind.  Long-term health problems can develop when we are unable to relax.

Sleeping difficulties

The lack of quality sleep can have wide ranging effects on many areas of our life. Fatigue effects our concentration and our ability to cope with day-to-day issues. It impacts on our relationships, job performance, our mood and our ability to handle stress to name but a few.  Our psychologist can help you to identify the issues surrounding your sleep problem and develop effect strategies for improvement.

Coping with illness

Era Health mental health specialists can help you deal with illness in yourself and in other people. They can also counsel people that are dealing with a terminal illness. Their help can improve your life and that of those around you.

Coping with the stresses and strains that illness places upon you is difficult. There are some people that fall into a deep depression, and there are others that fall into addiction. With the help of Era Health, you may learn to confront your illness and deal with your issues regarding it head on.

Quitting smoking

 Our psychologist in Melbourne has a wide range of knowledge, experience and success in assisting people to quit smoking.  Approaches that will bring about this change to enhance you well-being include hypnosis, CBT and mindfulness.

Pain management

The management of pain at Era Health is treated by both a medical and a psychological approach.  Pain causes stress and in turn stress increases pain. Psychological treatment involving cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis and mindfulness has shown to be very effective in reducing both stress and pain.  This can then lead to an improvement in health and a greater ability to enjoy one’s life.

WorkCover/ TAC

At Era Health we are experienced in dealing with people who are involved with Work Cover and TAC claims. Psychological assistance can support you through what is often a difficult and traumatic time.  Depression, anxiety and PTSD can result from an accident or bullying and it is important to obtain psychological help at this time.


Hypnosis today is recognized as an effective adjunct to treating certain conditions.  At Era Health we have a psychologist who is qualified and experienced in using hypnosis for a wide variety of issues and circumstances.  These include anxiety, stress, pain management, sleep problems, migraine, child-birth, smoking as well as nail biting and other habits.