Lockdown in Melbourne: Mad, Sad or Fed Up

Lockdown in Melbourne: Mad, Sad or Fed Up

Lockdown in Melbourne: Mad, Sad or Fed Up

Lockdown: Mad, Sad or Fed Up


Welcome to week four of the Victorian Covid lockdown!  Had hoped to be able to say that we are in the last half of this state and on the way to an easing of restrictions – but this may not be the case.

So, are you tired of those walls, not socialising, perhaps feeling down, not working efficiently, Covid-fatigued?  Fed up with your family or co-residents?

How hard is this new Lockdown in Melbourne?

Many of us may feel that life could be a bit better.

Covid and depression

There are many articles on how to manage on the Internet but here are a few tips that may help.


Accept the reality of lockdown and look to positives by focussing on yourself, your family/co-residents and your home.

Maintain regular communication between friends and family using the phone or the Internet.


Kids in Lockdown

Maintain a routine by getting up at your normal time, showering and dressing and attending to work and other activities.

Schedule your daily work into blocks of time setting yourself tasks for completion within those time blocks.  Adhere to them with suitable breaks between for a refreshment break and/or a chat.

Eat carefully and drink wisely avoiding an excess of both.

Lockdown and exercise

Exercise is very important even if it is just walking.  Try and do about 40 minutes a day, preferably outside.

Limit the amount of time spent listening to or watching broadcasts about COVID.  They may increase your anxiety, anger and depression.

Covid and Mental Health Issues

If you notice a change in your behaviour (becoming anxious, angry or depressed), seek help.  Remember, we are available to help you and all that is required is a phone call or email.

Stay safe and follow the official advice on remaining safe with COVID.

Wear a mask.  If you have a medical reason preventing you from wearing a mask, we can provide you with the necessary medical certificate.  Just call us.

Remember, Era Health remains open for both face-to-face and telehealth consultations.

Stay safe.

For appointments:

Go online (https://www.erahealth.com.au/)
Email the clinic (info@erahealth.com.au)
Call the clinic (9944 6200)

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