Weight management

Weight management is currently identified as a very significant health care challenge. Obesity incidence is at a record high in Australia and, as a consequence, the diseases linked to obesity are becoming more prevalent.

Weight management

These include:
• Diabetes;
• Impaired glucose tolerance;
• Hypertension;
• Coronary heart disease;
• Elevated blood lipids;
• Stroke;
• Sleep apnoea;
• Day-time sleepiness;
• Fatigue;
• Osteoarthritis;
• Back pain;
• Impaired fertility;
• PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome);
• Depression;
• Liver disease;
• Gout,; and
• Certain cancers (e.g.: breast, colon, endometrial cancer).

Obesity is due to a combination of behavioural, environmental and biological factors. Significant or longstanding obesity may have a compounding negative impact on managing these contributing factors.

Hence, a multi-disciplinary team approach is required. The initial aim of our weight management programme is to identify the different roles each of the recognized contributing factors has in the individual’s weight management. This allows us to make personal and relevant recommendations in developing a programme addressing the specific needs individual. Our advice is aimed to assist successful weight management, but in a holistic manner whereby it is sustainable and encourages a healthy balanced lifestyle. Our initial assessment also aims to identify co-existing medical issues with a view to optimizing overall health management. The programme includes:
• The identification of the most suitable weight loss option;
• The development of an enjoyable and nutritious eating plan which provides choice and variety but is compatible with weight loss; and
• The development of an activity programme that is appropriate for sustainable weight loss, but achievable, factoring in lifestyle commitments.

Being overweight is not an addiction or an illness, it is caused when a person takes in more calories than they expend. A food addiction is a very different condition in which being overweight is a byproduct.

Lose weight effectively and safely with Era Health

At Era Health, the weight management specialists are able to help a person lose weight safely and effectively. The specialists are also able to work in conjunction with addiction therapists so that the weight of a food addict may be controlled and brought down to a safe level.

Weight management without secrets or tricks

The weight of a person will affect that person’s quality of life, and that person’s short or long-term health. Era Health professionals are not offering weight management tricks or secrets. They offer safe and proven help for people with weight management problems and eating disorders.

Weight management promoting natural health

This is really the key to weight loss and good health. You have to make sure you lose the weight in a safe way that promotes your own health. Your body needs to time and the tools to use up the excess energy you have stored in your body.

Your appointments also help you recover

It then needs to recover from the trauma of having the weight there and having it disappear. With the help of Era Health specialists, you can lose the weight in the right way and become a healthier person as a result.

Safe weight management in Melbourne Australia

There are a lot of diets and weight management courses on the Internet, and many of them only offer quick results with no consideration of health. Losing weight quickly or in an unsafe way may cause serious short and long-term damage to the body.

At Era Health, you are given top class care and help, but above all, you are given a safe way in which to lose or gain weight

Effective weight management with diets and exercise

There are no magic cures and no quick fixes. You have to commit to a management plan and it is not going to be easy. It is going to be hard work and it will include changing your diet to a more balanced and healthy diet. It also means you have to exercise and burn off the fat in a controlled and safe manner.