How to choose the perfect Medical Centre near me?

How to choose the perfect Medical Centre near me?

Medical Centre near me
How to choose the perfect Medical Centre near me?


How to choose the perfect Medical Centre near me?

Are you living in Melbourne and looking for a new Medical Centre? There are a few things you need to look for to find the right medical Centre in Melbourne CBD, so here is what you need to know.

In Australia, over 400,000 people visit their general practitioner.

Now, from all of 400,000 people, only very few are happy with the Medical Clinic they choose.

The question here is why it is so hard to find the right Medical Centre near me?

The simple answer is because before going to visit a new GP, you need to be prepared to perform proper due diligence.

Do you know that there are approximately 28,000 registered practitioners in Victoria alone? That means they we have a lot to choose from but asking the right question we can be much closer to landing in the optimal Medical Clinic.


Here are the Top Tips to Find the best Medical Centre near me.


1- Mapping out your local area

If there is not a Medical Centre close to your home or work, try to find the nearest one.

Your GP must be close to your home or work in the case that you need to rush to see him. The last thing that we want is feeling seek and must travel far to your clinic. Preferent a walking distance is the ideal.

2- Ask your family and friends 

Most likely, you know what you want. However, it can still be beneficial to ask people that you trust like your friends and family if they can recommend a General Practitioner.

People experience over time can be very useful, especially about a Doctor or a Medical Centre.

As we all are different, you must understand the needs and values of the adviser before we ask for a recommendation. If they closely align with your own, then add them to your shortlist to check out.

Sometimes we do not have the people to ask for advice, and that is ok. These days we can rely on Online reviews. In my opinion, Google reviews are the most effective way to get real opinions.

Let’s say that you search for Medical Centre near me, the first three results (called 3 pack Google My business) will show the number of starts and amount of reviews. The more reviews the medical Centre has, the more confident I am that the reviews are real.

As a rule, more than 50 reviews are a good indicator that what you are reading is most likely correct. Also, if the clinic or Doctor shows only five stars reviews, I would not trust very much, as it is hard to believe that every single patient received an outstanding experience.

3- Quality Control

There are several ways that you can check if your Medical Centre has the quality of care that you need. Firstly, those reviews I mentioned earlier are the right place to start.

Secondly, check that your General practitioner is registered with the Medical Board of Australia; this means the Doctor must be up to date on the latest practices and information.

Also, and perhaps the most critical aspect of quality control is that the medical Centre is an accredited clinic. But what is general practice accreditation?

According to RACGP, Accreditation is an integral part of safe and quality general practice in Australia. General practice accreditation is an independent recognition that practices meet the requirements of the governing national industry Standards. The standards are set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

By undergoing independent assessment, the award of accreditation reassures practice owners, staff,  and patients that the practice is meeting the safety and quality standards,  by the RACGP.

A clinic to be accredited takes a lot of time and work. The preparation usually takes up to 3 years. If your Medical Centre is an accredited clinic, you can be sure that the clinic reaches the necessary standards to practise.

4- Cold Call Research

Now, you should have an excellent shortlist of clinics by far, and the next step is to call each of the practices. Phone etiquette of the practice tells a lot in the way of how they treat a patient.

There are some questions that you can ask about the following:

  • How they fulfil repeat prescriptions?
  • How do they let you know about test results?
  • What are the different ways you can book an appointment? Online, email, telephone, etc.

5- Trust Your Gut Feelings

Take everything we have discussed today into consideration when making your final choice. However, you also must go with what feels right for you.

Make an appointment in the clinic near you and see how you feel about the Doctor in person. At the end of the day, your feeling about the Doctor is critical.

You should feel comfortable discussing any aspect of your health with your General Practitioner. Working through the steps that we have presented to find your right clinic and then go with your instincts.

At Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD, we manage all your Medical needs in one clinic.

Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD provides medical services through our highly experienced General Practitioners. Here are some of our services

Skin Checks, HIV Rapid Test, Travel Doctor, Mental Health Services, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Family Planning, Vaccination, Aviation Medicals, Diving Medicals, Weight Management, Executive Health Assessments, and More.

In times of Covid 19 we are offering the following services as well.

Telehealth or face-to-face consultations

Did you know you can book and attend your appointments at Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD via Telehealth or face-to-face consultations?

Until 30 of September 2020 patients are eligible to use telehealth via phone or video for all regular appointments, GP management plans and mental health plans, so there is no need to wait for your health needs even if you are isolating at home.

For GP telehealth consultations will be bulk-billed for patients experiencing financial difficulties due to the current crisis.

Flu Vaccination

With the 2020 flu season arriving in Melbourne, the Flu Vaccination is even more critical than ever in 2020. Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD is offering Flu shots for new and current patients.

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