Treating Arthritis, Managing Pain And Improving Mobility

Arthritis is an ailment that affects thousands of Australians. Era Health podiatrists deal with all stages of arthritis and have a team of doctors and physiotherapists also available to treat and manage your needs.

Treating Arthritis

At this current time, there is no cure and no medication that is 100% effective against arthritis, but the team of experts at Era Health can help you manage pain, improve your mobility, and help you live with your condition in the best manner possible.

World leading podiatrists

The Era Health clinics are most proud of their podiatrists’ team. They are specialists in helping you retain as much mobility in your joints, tendons and muscles as possible. The help they provide goes from advice, right up to training and massage exercises that are performed both in-house and that you may perform at home.

Managing discomfort with the help of advice and medication

Era Health doctors have a full and comprehensive knowledge of afflictions affecting muscles, joints and tendons, and are able to provide advice that will help you manage your discomfort. This includes the things you should and shouldn’t be doing and consuming.

Though medication is rarely able to fully remove all discomfort, the Era Health doctors will find the right combination for you so that you may enjoy life to the fullest–despite your condition.

The facilities available at Era Health clinics

If your podiatrist treatment requires gentle exercise, stretching or massage, then you may enjoy the gym and physiotherapy equipment available in the Melbourne clinics. Your needs will depend upon your condition, as arthritis may affect your fingers, knees, hips and spine. A great deal of care is taken to ensure any swelling is dealt with and to ensure your swelling does not cause further discomfort or damage.

Exercises have to be very carefully monitored, as incorrect exercise may exacerbate your condition. The key is to ensure you can move your joints without further thinning of your cartilage lining. Treating arthritis may also involve managing your immune system in a controlled manner.

Help improving your mobility and comfort, and managing your pain is all part of the service at Era Health clinics in Melbourne.