Leg Length Discrepancy

Dealing With A Leg Length Discrepancy

Sadly, there is very little a doctor can do about leg length discrepancy. There are surgeries that can be taken, but it is not recommended and is often viewed by insurance companies as elective unless you can prove it affects your ability to work. Still, despite the fact, there is little to be done to treat leg length discrepancy, Era Health doctors and podiatrists can still help you manage the condition.

Help and advice with your leg length discrepancy

The first step is taking advice on your condition. There are more things you can do about leg length discrepancy than you may realize. The Era Health podiatrists are experts in managing leg length discrepancy, and many times can offer advice that returns your mobility and standard of living to the preferred level.

Podiatry and Physiotherapy helps with mobilization

The Era Health team of physiotherapists and podiatrist is truly world class, and frequently helps many famous sports stars rehabilitate after injuries. An Era Health physiotherapist can use massage, mobilization and manual therapy to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel through your leg length discrepancy. They can help you correct your dysfunctions in the way you move so that parts of your body may rehabilitate and helps improve your mobility and discomfort. The team includes musculoskeletal physicians, who may help you more than general practitioners.

Podiatry can diagnose problems with your lower limbs

Era Health Podiatrists can diagnose and treat injuries and disorders relating to your lower limbs and feet. This alone may help remove your leg length discrepancy. Your legs may actually be the same length, but an injury or disorder may be creating the appearance of shortening, which then affects your mobility, which in turn affects your comfort. A visit with an Era Health podiatrist may eradicate your leg length discrepancy, or at the very least make it more manageable.

Orthopedic surgery should be a last resort

If you do feel that surgery may be the answer to your leg length discrepancy, then Era Health professionals will discuss your options with you and give you advice on your next step. If your leg length discrepancy is caused by an injury or disorder, then surgery may be an option, but it is far more difficult to operate if you were born with a leg length discrepancy.