Physical Injuries

Physical Injuries

Physical Injuries Of The Lower Limbs

All forms of non-critical physical injuries are treated at the Era Health clinics in Melbourne. This even includes dental related injuries within the dentistry clinic. Pain management and rehabilitation may be long and difficult tasks, but the team of doctors, podiatrists and physiotherapists at Era Health are able to make the process as pain free and comfortable as possible.

Efficiently treating physical injuries

The physiotherapy team is world famous for its work in helping rehabilitate people and managing pain., physical injuries  that are critical are treat by accident and emergencies, but if you are looking for rehabilitation and recovery, then the Era Health clinics are the place to go.

Treating physical injuries around the foot and lower limbs

There are certain places on your lower limbs that can seriously affect your mobility. If you sprain or strain your ankle, then it can keep you off work for weeks, and breaks around the foot or ankle can keep you off work for months. The podiatrists at Era Health are able to manage your pain and put you onto the path to recovery.

There are some injuries to your lower limbs and feet that you cannot avoid. It may be due to your family history, your job, or even the sports you play. Treating these conditions, and even brining about a complete cure, is possible via the Era Health podiatrists in Melbourne.

Diagnosing your physical injuries is rather easy

The podiatry experts have a keen knowledge of foot and lower limb injuries, pains and complaints. They are now able to diagnose physical injuries to the lower limbs with 100% success rate. Many times the process will not require a scan, and even when it does, it is only to see the extent of the injury.

Treating your physical injuries based on its extent

The amount of time you will need to heal is a complete unknown prior to diagnosis. Part of the process is to find the cause of your pain, and part of the process is to find the extent of your injury. Once that has been determined, the podiatrist will be able to give you a good estimate of how long you will need to heal and fully rehabilitative.

If you stick to the plans, regimes and advice of the podiatrist, the Era Health clinic can guarantee an efficient recovery. In a great many occasions, the podiatrists and physiotherapists are able to completely cure your physical injury. If your injury was seemingly unavoidable, then the Era Health experts can offer advice to help guards against the same thing happening again, or against further damaging yourself in the future.