Shin Pain

Shin Pain

Era Health Clinics Work Hard To Cure Shin Pain

One of the most painful ailments is shin pain, and it can have a negative effect on your quality of life if left untreated. What is worse is that the condition, the pain and the discomfort may amplify if you do not seek medical help. The Era Health specialists in Melbourne are on hand to help.

Treating shin pain

It is a difficult condition to treat, especially since you have to use your knee joint and shin bone on a regular basis if you want to get around. An Era Health doctor or physiotherapist will go over your options with you, all of which depend upon the extent and severity of your shin pain.

You will be asked to rest

This is the first course of action for any type of shin pain; you must take your weight off of it and rest as much as possible. If your condition is not so bad, you may be able to take part in light exercise, but any aggravation may extend your recovery time.

What if you need to keep training?

You may be asked by the physiotherapist to undergo exercises and stretches on the premises by using their equipment. This may improve your condition, and may help the physiotherapist find the route cause of your injury. Cross-training or aqua-jogging may be required in order to maintain your sports and cardio ability.

Massaging may be prescribed

Sometimes it is tight muscles and tension that causes shin pain, and this can be relieved with a massage and with advice on how to improve your condition and your training.  You may be asked to perform truck or pelvic stability exercises to improve any of your biomechanical imbalances.

An Era Health podiatrist in Melbourne can often help

This may involve orthotic treatment to help alter how your muscles tense and you biomechanical processes work when you walk, move or exercise. Insoles may be prescribed for your shoes so that you may workout or walk without causing further injury.

Seek treatment if you feel pain

The worst thing you can do is ignore the pain. Your shin pain may be caused by something innocent and you may be sent away with advice, or it may be something more serious and you could require surgery. Leaving the pain and working through it can be very damaging and may make your condition irreversible in the long-run.