Flat Feet

Flat Feet

What Causes Flat Feet And How Can Era Health Help?

Flat feet is more common than many people assume, and Era Health podiatrist see the condition on a weekly basis. Though flat feet do not usually cause problems, you can be managed to help ensure further problems do not occur. Era Health podiatrists in Melbourne CBD are on hand to manage your condition and treat any pain, discomfort or injuries at a result of it.

What problems do flat feet cause?

You may start to experience pain in your calf, your hip, your back, your knee(s), the arch of your foot, the outer side of your foot and the inside of your ankle. This is caused because of how your body reacts to having little to no arch in your foot. It may cause things such as to have your foot overpronate, which often wears out your shoes very quickly.

When should I see an Era Health podiatrist?

If you suspect that you have flat feet and you feel it is causing you problems, or you want to manage the condition, then book an appointment with an Era Health podiatrist. If you suspect that your child has flat feet, then you should book an appointment to help avoid future pain and discomfort.

You should also book an appointment with an Era Health podiatrist in Melbourne if your feet appear to be getting flatter, if your shoes wear out overly quickly, and if you are feeling pain in your feet, even when wearing well-fitting and supportive shoes.

If your feet feel weak, stiff or numb, then you need to book an appointment as soon as possible, as your condition may be getting worse, and may be a signal towards further problems in your near future.

How do Era Health professionals diagnose flat feet?

As you can imagine, the process is very easy. The difficult part comes when considering the possible cause, though it is usually genetic, and when considering what further damage you may have done, or be doing, to your lower limbs.

What sorts of treatment does Era Health offer?

In many cases, your condition can be vastly improved thanks to the advice of the expert podiatrists and physiotherapists on hand. There may be times when light exercise routines are needed, or the treatment of another-related problem is needed. In many cases, this alone will help remove any problems that flat feet causes. In very rare cases the doctors may refer people for surgery, but it is not often needed.