Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

You Can Fully Recover From Most Sports Injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, most people are less concerned with the pain and more concerned with their full recovery. Era Health team of doctors, Physiotherapist and podiatrists treat a great many sports injuries every year, from professional sports injuries to tourists surfing and hurting themselves.

Helping you recover from sports injuries

The Era Health clinics in Melbourne have a team of highly qualified physiotherapists and state of the art equipment used to help sports players make a full recovery. There are doctors, podiatrists and physiotherapists on hand to help fully rehabilitate you.

Many sports injuries occur around the feet and lower limbs

This is because the feet and lower limbs are used to a massive extent during most sports, and yet the legs and feet are very vulnerable to injury. One-off sports injuries that occur due to accidents are treated in a way that manages pain, comfort, and helps rehabilitate the person. If the injury is to do some form of repetitive stress, then the doctors and physiotherapists will help treat the problem and try to ensure the problem does not recur.

How does treatment start?

It begins with a thorough examination and plenty of questions so the doctor can determine the cause of the injury and the extent of the injury. The doctor may simply give advice at this point, such as instructions on how to:
• Protect your injury for further harm
• How much you should rest and for how long
• If you should apply ice or compression to the injury
• If you should endeavor to keep the affected area elevated

The doctor may have to perform further exams such as an MRI, Ultrasound or X-Ray in order to determine the extent of your injury and prescribe the correct treatment.

What happens after diagnosis?

Your options will be explained to you and the doctor will make his or her recommendation. You may be given advice so that you may self-manage your recovery. You may be given pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You may have to consider surgery if your injury cannot be fully treated without, and you may be sent to an Era Health podiatrist or physiotherapist. From these services, you will be put through a regiment that helps you recover and rehabilitate. Massage or ultrasound therapy may be required.

Should I book an appointment for sports injuries?

It is always best to have the injury checked out by an Era Health doctor, just to be sure you have not sustained any long-term damage, and to be sure you can heal and rehabilitate fully.