Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes

Occupational Health Services

Each workplace is different, which is why Era Health clinics offer a full range of tailored Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes. Each one is specifically targeted to your needs, which means you get genuine value and focused results. The Era Health clinics are based in Melbourne and serve people from all over Australia.

Tailoring Services To Your Needs

Our doctors and specialists will work with your senior management and HR team in order to make the correct decisions on your Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes, which helps in developing the most applicable, efficient and cost-effective programmes. Programmes can be tailored for senior management, executives, and all areas of your workforce.

Helping You Invest In People And Their Health & Safety

Our overly litigious society has pushed health and safety too far, and now you are obliged to be overly cautious for fear of legal reprisals. Luckily, the Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes we arrange at our clinics in Melbourne will help show the general public and the courts that you care about the Health & safety of your workforce, and that worker protection is at the forefront of your mind.

Corporate and Occupational Health Programme’s Primary Features

· Each programme is tailored to your company’s needs
· Preventative wellness and health are a priority
· Workplace health is comprehensively addressed
· OH&S legislation and duty of care compliance will be carried out
· Comprehensive testing is done of individual workers

Recommendations are made regarding employee health and strategies are recommended to improve health & safety in the workplace. Health risks are identified, and workplace modifications are suggested.

Era Health Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes And Their Benefits

· Many companies report lower absenteeism
· Our on-site assessments reduce workplace costs and workplace disruption
· You will see improved productivity
· Programs are developed with company personnel to ensure effectiveness
· Health & Safety awareness will be improved
· Each programme is tailored to suit your business
· Accidents and injuries will be notably reduced
· Fewer nuisance claims will be filed

Preventative Health Assessments

Our Corporate and Occupational Health Programmes are part of our Corporate and Occupational services; these include things such as:

· Pre-employment medicals
· Training and education
· Risk management
· Workers compensation
· Injury management
· Individual health management
· Injury rehabilitation
· Assessments for executives and workers
· Worksite assessments
· Include preventive health assessments
· Travel health services

Contact Era Health doctors today, and find out what we can do for you, your company and your workforce.